Hide And Seek

 Hide and Seek

by Susan Shipe


Are you familiar with Susanna Wesley? Born in 1669 and mother to 19 children! Two of whom grew up to be famous evangelists, John and Charles. Susanna knew how important it was to train up a child in the way they should go and made sure she spent individual time with each of her children daily, sharing God’s Word and Wisdom. Almost legend, is the well known fact that Mrs. Wesley’s children knew when they saw their Mama throw her apron up over her head, they were not to bother her because she was in her prayer closet talking to her Lord!

I love that story!

Today, we see the movie WAR ROOM and immediately we want to carve out a little space in our homes for a prayer bench and a bulletin board.

All we need is an apron!

Mom’s, I want to encourage you as you embark on a busy summer season to…


…practice hide and seek, as often as possible. Most of us don’t even wear aprons any longer – but we certainly can find a spot, even in a busy household, to sit and bow our heads. It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t take long.

This summer do something a bit different – tell those little one’s of yours that when they see Mommy sitting in the ——— (name your place), it means you need a minute of quiet because you must talk to God. Before you know it? They’ll find their own special place to hide and seek Jesus.

The Bible is so clear. God wants us to hide ourselves in Him. Psalm 27.5 says, He will hide me in His shelter! Psalm 17.8 says, “Hide me in the shadow of Your wings!”

Hiding might be a challenge – but it’s so worth trying. Kids can get used to anything and remember, it’s not the length of time you hide in prayer – it’s the doing! God knows our hearts and I believe He will be delighted to know that you are trying to give Him (even) 30 seconds of your undivided attention!

What about the seeking part? Five minutes a day – even a busy Mom can find five minutes a day. Grab that Bible and, it doesn’t matter if you get one scripture read before the whining and demands of little ones flood your space! Before the summer is in full swing, select a passage you would like to complete before the season is over. How about the longest chapter in the Bible? Psalm 119. David wrote it toward the end of his life and it is jam-packed with nuggets of gold. If your kids are old enough? Read a verse or two a day with them.

Jeremiah 29.13 reminds us, “If you seek Me with your whole heart, YOU WILL FIND ME.

This summer, Hide and Seek! And, you just might be surprised when your little’s start hiding and seeking right along with you.

Be blessed and enjoy your season of long days and a slower pace.


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Susan Chamberlain Shipe, a writer since the age of eight when she and her neighborhood friend wrote, edited, published, and distributed The Manor News. Things have changed since publishing with the five and dime stamp lettering set! Today, Susan enjoys spending time with her three adult children and spouses, two grandchildren, blogging, writing short devotions and short stories from her home in the Appalachian Mountain Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern North Carolina, which she shares with her husband of thirty plus years, Lowell, and their beloved dog, Sam.

Susan can be found writing messages of hope, from the heart, for the home any day of the week at http://hopehearthome.com. You can also follow her on Twitter and Pinterest




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