Hidden Gifts of Love


“Hidden Gifts of Love”

by Tania Vaughan



As you get older and the time in your relationship gets longer it can sometimes feel like it’s not as happy or as loving as it once used to be.

It can become a time of wondering, where did the romance go? Why did it change? Was it the addition of children, longer working hours or the sameness of every day routines?

What if you looked at it differently? What if you stopped…


believing what the movies say love and romance should look like? Colossians 3:2 says “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Your marriage is under God not a director.

Could it be that the love in your relationship hasn’t lost anything but has actually grown into something less needy and showy, something relaxed, more comfortable and familiar.

Could it be that love is not a candlelit meal for two but the fact that you run the hoover round just before your hubby gets home or put the kettle on to make him a cuppa.

Love is not in the flowers that he brings but in the dishwasher he just unloaded.

My husband used to cut out love hearts and leave me notes in the morning. This morning he got the meat out of the freezer because it’s on today’s meal plan, just so it was one less thing I had to do today.

You don’t always need to be receiving gifts of chocolate when you’re receiving a hand with the chores. You don’t have to be planning romantic meals when you buy his favourite treat in the weekly shop.

The love being shown is not in the deed being done but in the fact that you are thinking of the other. Philippians 2: 3-4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

If we are to imitate Christ in the world and show servant hearted love to others what better place to start than in our home.

Don’t waste time wishing for the flowers and hearts that romance demands. Look and see the thoughtful gifts you are already receiving in love.



Tania VaughanTania Vaughan is the creator of Let’s Talk About Ministries and author of the “Let’s Talk About… Sex and relationships” book and course.

She says: “I am passionate to see women released from seeking love and approval when it is already given to them freely through Jesus. Every relationship in our lives is directly impacted by the relationship we first have with the God who saved us.”

Tania became a Christian in her late 20’s from a background of selfish pleasure, abuse and mental health issues. Challenged by the socially acceptable and media ‘norms’ of relationships she discovered there was a way of doing it differently, a better and more honouring way to live.

Tania has learned that true love and value are gifts we have already received and her journey of discovery has brought her to a place of being cleansed, purified, loved and accepted.

You can connect with Tania on her website and social media below!

Also check out more of Tania’s articles on marriage here!


Twitter: @TaniaJVaughan

Facebook: LetsTalkAboutMinistries



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