Great Sex & The Brain

Great Sex & The Brain
by Terri Bonin


Great sex starts in the brain. Yep! Let me prove it. Don’t you find it hard to get naked with your husband when he’s ticked you off and you’re mulling it around in your head? Of course, you do! It’s impossible to give and receive tender caresses to the one you’re seething over! Your brain is furious, and your body revolts against him. Ok! Assume you’re over it. You’ve kissed and made up. A happy truce saved the day. Now you’re enjoying a fun time of intimacy with your man and all of a sudden you remember a project deadline due TOMORROW! BAM! All those happy, warm feelings JET! They book a plane to Mexico and flee your body! Good sex starts and is controlled by…

Great Sex & The Brain

Your brain! Prepare your brain. Forget your “To Do” list. Forgive your husband. Decide you want a happy marriage. It all starts here. Make the choice to give and receive kind words and gestures throughout the day. This is where so many marriages fail. A little irritation begrudges a couple from actively pursuing kindness towards each other while the attractive co-worker at the office covers the wounded spouse with kind gestures all day. Even if it’s just part of the job description such as typing letters, running errands, and making appointments, the wounded spouse might begin to desire this kind person in a sexual way because kindness feels good to the soul. Subconsciously the spouse is wondering what other kind ways this co-worker can make him feel good.

It happens every day.

Protect your marriage with the bond of kindness!! There’s a song called the Basics of Life that says, “We need to get back to the basics of life: a heart that is pure and a love that is kind…” The ancient Proverbs speaks of kindness:

A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself.” (ESV) Proverbs 11:17

What is desirable in a man is his kindness…” (NASB) Proverbs 19:22

What spouse does not want to be desirable? We ALL hope to be desired by our spouses, and maybe we didn’t realize how simple it is to BECOME desirable. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take breast implants, losing weight, or more money to become desirable. I know of some happy, overweight, underpaid couples that have GREAT sex lives because they are kind to each other and make it a priority. It really is that simple.

Try it!

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*The excerpt was taken from Terri’s new book “Drops of Pleasure“, where you can find more insight on married sex and recipes to take your love life from ho-hum to off the charts WOW!


Terri BoninMeet Terri Bonin, the author of 31 Days to Fit,  14 Days to Ignite Your Marriageand Live, Laugh, Love, and Laundry and the latest book Drops of Pleasure! Terri’s 23-year union with her favorite dentist (her husband), has been prosperous in their prolific production of 10 darling children. She also holds a degree in nutritional counseling which seems to be most frequently used to persuade her children to eat their greens. Terri’s secret pleasure is sneaking away from juggling the daily tasks, homeschooling, and dating her husband to escape to her office to write for her own enjoyment. As you can imagine she has a LOT to write about!

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