Gratitude and Thankfulness


It’s 3am.  I’ve awakened for some reason and don’t want to stir others awake.  My husband of 22 years, along with my two year old who wandered into our bed are both breathing deeply.



I smile, and suddenly I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Their heavy breathing is a sign of life.

My life

Their breathing reminds me that I am alive, resting near them, and enjoying the gift of their lives.

Like breathing, gratitude is something we take in, something we inhale.

A feeling, a knowing, a gift.

Thankfulness is …


what we exhale.  How we express to others, to God, the taste of what we have drunk from as we breathed in gratitude.

Thankfulness is an outward expression of what we know inwardly.

Who are you thankful for today?  Do they even know it?

Am I intentional about telling those around me how deeply I appreciate their lives, just the fact that they are here, their very breath.  Or do I inadvertently just tell myself that my loved ones MUST know how much they mean to me?

If I had not been awakened that 3am morning, would I have slowed down long enough to drink in the gratitude I felt in listening to my husband and my toddler…

Just breathing?

This Thanksgiving day, don’t worry if the food gets cold while you meticulously try to time it all perfectly.  Take those captive minutes, with your family and loved ones around the table, and tell them why you are thankful for them.  Tell them why THEY matter to you.  Open up your heart just a little, and give thanks.

Tell your 80 year old father, how very special it was the other day, when you walked into the room where he was sitting and overheard him sharing with your eight year old daughter what life was like for him growing up.  Tell him thanks for being a daddy for all ages, old and young.

Tell your older brother, that because of his generosity, your children have vacation memories from Disney that they still remember and reminisce upon – even years later!  Thank him for never ever complaining  and always coming into your home with open arms and a generous heart.

Tell your son-in-love that ever since he came into your daughter’s life, she has never been sad.  Her happiness is a testament of his incredible love for his new wife.  And be sure to tell him AGAIN, how happy you are to be a Grandma next July!!!

Tell your Father-in-Love that because of his lifelong, rock solid love and commitment to his son, you have a husband who loves his children with that same unconditional, rock-solid, love and commitment.  Thank him for the husband who has changed your life forever.

Tell your Mother that without her, this day would not exist.  She may leave her beautiful china to all these grand-daughters one day, but nothing will outlast her legacy of love and faithfulness, through good times and bad.  Thank her for being your mom.

Young and old, immediate or extended, family is family.

Thank God, and Thank them.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

laundry mom ErinLaundry Mom~Erin♥




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