Good Eats On-the-Go!

Laundry announcement: I hereby declare sock season over!

And on that note- it’s time to get outside!

We’ve had the most phenomenal weather in the past couple of weeks…so the pool is open, the shorts are out, the flip-flops have replaced the slippers and oh my- it’s been amazing. Moods have lifted, doors are open, the garden is nearly planted, the kids are wanting to play all day, we’re all getting ourselves out the door.

As always, everyone is hungry. Maybe even hungrier. I’ve had to streamline my spring & summer food routines over the years so we’re not needing to hit the grocery store every time we want to go out.

And this is the go-to list so far of some family-friendly, easy-to-pack lunch foods…

Summer Food Ideas, Picnic Foods, Summer Picnic, On The Go Foods

These all are great for sandwiches, salads, pitas, wraps, crackers or stuffed in veggies like half-peppers. (Many are suitable as is for the Trim, Healthy Mama plan- but would simply need to be adapted or combined to suit either and “E- Energizing” or “S-Satisfying” meal!)

– hardboiled eggs~ a pot full at a time
– cold, shredded beef or chicken~ cook in the crockpot overnight on low.  Pull apart with forks in the morning.
– cooked quinoa for salads~ I keep a 1L mason jar full and mix it in salads, or add to a pita
– canned salmon~mix with yogurt and/or mayo
– cooked or canned chickpeas~ for salads, on their own, or in homemade hummus
– salads~ any mix of greens, cucumber, peppers and any other veggie you so desire
– granola, yogurt and frozen fruit in individual cups or mason jars
– flax crackers~for dips, cheese or sandwich toppings
– kale chips
– tortilla chips and hummus, salsa or guacamole
– coconut oil and chia seed bars
– almonds and raisins
– apples & peanut or almond butter
– celery sticks or cucumber boats with cream cheese  
– easy sushi~ nori wraps with avocado, cold rice or quinoa, grated carrot and beets, cooked yam or pieces of salmon
– cut-up fruit pieces on skewers (to help eliminate sticky, sandy fingers in the food)~ melons, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, (and whatever is in season and local!)
– Greek yogurt with a hint of vanilla and honey or stevia for dipping

I’m always looking for new ideas to keep everyone fed with less time in the kitchen for me before we need to head out the door.

What picnic foods do you like to bring? Comment below or come on over to Facebook and share your goodies with us!



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