Gift Of A Pearl

“Gift Of A Pearl”

By: Teresa Brouillette



There have been times in life I have found it easy to become overwhelmed. When burdened with busyness or trials, it can be easy to overlook God’s comfort and provision.

I was weary from the trial. Although I prayed continuously for God’s perfect will, I wanted a miraculous healing for my son. Alexx was diagnosed with a rare and terminal childhood cancer. We didn’t immediately tell him the prognosis, but he knew it was a serious battle. I always marveled that despite the deterioration of his physical body, his eyes continued to twinkle with the mischief found in almost every eight year old boy.

When one of Alexx’s beloved teachers called for a visit, I wanted to decline. Her daughter and grandchildren were visiting from out of town. She had told them of Alexx, and they wanted to come for a visit to offer support and prayer. Although I knew they meant well, in that moment I felt weary of phone calls and visitors. My initial reaction was to say no, but I knew Alexx would enjoy company. I put on my best smile to help generate an upbeat tone, and agreed to a visit that very afternoon.

From the moment they entered my home…


it was like welcoming an old friend. A friendship that usually takes years to develop, seemed to naturally exist. Not only did I have an immediate bond with this visiting mother, Alexx thoroughly enjoyed the company of her children. They didn’t seem to notice the pediatric wheel chair in the corner. They didn’t ask him to run and play. They simply enjoyed his company and played from where he sat in an overstuffed chair.

Over the few weeks of their summer trip, the sweet family stopped by several times. Despite the increasing fatigue Alexx felt, the children enjoyed playing or watching a movie together.

During one visit, my new friend prayed with me and offered words of encouragement. Words spoken from the heart of a mother, and sister in faith, as she came along beside me and shared in my struggle. She told me this trial of my sons health made her think of a clam. She explained that when a piece of sand becomes trapped inside the clam it will try to flush it out, as the sand is rough and painful. If it cannot rid itself of the sand, it produces a substance that surrounds it. Layers grow, over time. Layer after layer forms, until what was initially a painfully rough irritation of sand forms into a beautiful pearl.

She went on to explain how the process reminded her of trials in life. If we cannot flush them out, we should embrace them. We should surround them with faith and cover them with layers and layers of prayer.

It wasn’t long before my new friend prepared to return to her home. She and her children came one last time to say farewell. As she left, she sat a plastic shopping bag down and quickly explained the kids had a goodbye card and gift for Alexx. We hugged. We fought back tears.

After they drove away, Alexx asked to see the bag. Under his card and gift, at the very bottom of the bag, he pulled out a small box with my name on it. It contained a thin gold chain holding a small pearl. I touched it gently and let my tears flow.

It was weeks before I first wore the necklace. As I sat in the service, looking around at all the faces, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who were celebrating my son’s life. Many shared heartwarming stories of how their lives and faith were impacted and challenged by the simple faith of a mischievous young boy. I fingered the pearl around my neck and rested in God’s comfort.

I have not seen my friend since the day we said goodbye. I don’t know if I will see her again before eternity. I do know that God will bring friends into our lives to come along beside us. Sometimes those are friends we will know for a life time, and at other times for only a short season. We need only to put on a smile, an upbeat tone, and agree to a visit.






Teresa is a post-professional public employee who went from professional management to chasing 3 busy homeschoolers.  A mother of 5 she juggles being a wife, a homeschooling mom,  and a published writer and blogger.  Teresa writes about the life and trials around her kids, a slightly psychotic Newfypoo, and a Physical Therapist husband dedicated to healing the world one patient at a time. Adding in a typically dysfunctional extended family and it’s a continual adventure in seeing how God somehow works it all together.  Seeing that her real life story was better than anything that could be made up, it only seemed logical to write about it. You can connect with Teresa through her Google +, Facebook, or follow her on her personal Blog Page!

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