Get That Pantry In Shape!

Get That Pantry In Shape!

by Hannah Keeley


The pantry is that one special project that we have to keep going back to time and time again. That’s okay because Zone One is one of the busiest spots in the home and the kitchen is right at the heart of it.

By the way, if you are new to home zoning, you can read all about it HERE.

If you’re already zoning, then you know that we are deep cleaning and de-cluttering Zone One. Our special project this week is our pantry. It’s a brand new year and a perfect time to get that pantry in great shape.

The first thing you need to do is to…



take ONE SHELF AT A TIME. A lot of times people will take a glance at their pantries and just shut the door and put off the deep cleaning. Don’t put it off another day! Just start with one shelf. Pull everything off, wipe off the shelf, and before you put it back, make sure you follow these three rules.

#1. Keep it healthy–Get a trash bag and toss all that junk that your body doesn’t need. If you keep it handy, then it’s easy to get it from your hand to your mouth. Then it goes from your mouth to your thighs. You know the deal, so get rid of it.

#2. Keep it together–Think about the way your local grocery store is organized. Your pantry isn’t as big as a store, but it can still be organized just as effectively. Keep your baking goods in one section, your cans in another, and so on. Think logically.

#3. Make it pretty–You will be more likely to keep your pantry organized if you make it pretty, too. When you empty off a shelf and wipe it clean, why not put some snazzy shelf paper or a fresh coat of paint? It will seem like an entirely new spot in your home!

Keep these rules in mind and you’ll be rocking that pantry in no time at all.

Oh, and one more thing–after you clean out your pantry, you’ll want to make a special place for a “snack basket.” Keep it stocked with healthy snacks for the kiddos for when those inevitble munchies strike.

You might also enjoy this video from What’s Up Moms about organizing your pantry!



hannah_keeleyHannah Keeley was once in overwhelmed mom living in a cluttered house, deep in debt, out of shape, and barely hanging on. But one day, after finding herself sobbing uncontrollably into a pile of clean laundry, she realized God has bigger and better plans for her (just like He does for each one of His children). Beginning that day, she began making changes in her life that took her from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Today, she’s helping moms do the same. Hannah, her husband, Blair, and their seven children live in Richmond, Virginia, and are having the time of their lives!

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