~ Freshman Laundry Tips 101 ~

You are about to embark on a brand new adventure, one away from the comforts of mom’s great cooking, and the joy of freshly washed t-shirts, and neatly folded socks always right where they are supposed to be, in the bedroom dresser drawer. For some of the College Freshman class of 2016, their mommas trained them well and they will have NO problems at all keeping up with their weekly single supply of linens, towels, t-shirts, and briefs.

For others…

Well… not so much.

This is a crash course in Freshman Laundry tips for the newbie.

College, Freshment, Studies, Laundry Stories, Laundry Tips, Organization, Slider, The Laundry Moms, College Freshman, College Laundry, laundry tipsStep One – Gather all laundry and place it in the nice bright laundry tub your mom sent with you to college, you know the one filled with all the stuff you are not sure what to do with? That’s the one! Empty it somewhere that won’t intrude on your roommate’s corner, and fill it with your dirty attire. If you discover that the tub is not BIG enough for all the clothes to fit, make a note to self that you may need to wash more than twice a month.For now… fill up the tub and any pillow cases you have with all your stinky clothes, and head to the local Laundromat with that nice stack of quarters and the TIDE detergent your Aunt Sue sent with you. .

Step TWO – Empty your pockets, not the pockets you are wearing, but the dirty ones in the basket. Check the shirt pockets too, you are looking for ANYTHING, but if you find a cell phone or a wallet, that’s a JACKPOT!

Step Three – It’s a good idea to separate your laundry into three different piles, if it’s been a long time, like over a month, then make it four or five piles that look like this:
•Dark clothes
•White clothes
•Somewhere in between dark and white
•Linens (that would be your sheets from off your bed)
•Towels (yes, you can technically wash your towels with everything else, but if you want them to smell like momma, it’s a good habit to wash them separately with a capful of fabric softener.

Step FOUR – Now this step is not meant to confuse you. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. After you have separated all your laundry, it’s a good idea to turn all the clothes – “right side in”. That means when you peel off your jeans, they are “inside out”, you want to reverse that BEFORE you wash them. The EXCEPTIONS to this rule are those great baseball shirts you live in with all the cool plastic type lettering. Those you want to turn inside out. Unless of course, they are already inside out ☺. Confused yet? Wash AND dry those inside out with the letters on the INSIDE. Wash in warm and dry on warm.

Step FIVE – Place clothes in the machine, DO NOT OVERSTUFF, fill the machine ¾ of the way full and use one capful of the detergent. There usually is a little line in the cap that you want to fill it up to. Just pour it in and push start.

Step SIX – Do some homework, it’s going to take about 45 minutes.

Step SEVEN – Remove wet clothes from the washer, SHAKE them out BEFORE you put them in the dryer and it will decrease your wrinkles tenfold. Turn the dryer to ON.

Step EIGHT – Read some more homework.

Step NINE – When the buzzer dings, they are done, check to see if they are wet still, you may need to add more quarters. Remove when dry and fold immediately.

Congratulations!!! You are DONE!!! In only one more week you get to do the whole thing again!

The following tips are for the more experienced Freshman and are great “Rules of Thumb” for laundry, but…

When it doubt, always use cold water. They will still get clean.

DO NOT Wash anything fuzzy (like towels, wash cloths, blankets, fuzzy jackets, sweaters, etc.) with anything that is dark.

BE CAREFUL of things made of cotton, nylon or polyester. These shrink and should only be washed in lukewarm water if they’re real dirty OR cold water, if they are not real dirty. It’s usually best to stick to cold water with these materials, if possible.

DO NOT put brand new dark clothes, especially navy, black, red or newly bought tans, in with light colored clothes. Wash these separate the first few times. This especially is true for blue jeans.

WRINKLES: To help remove wrinkles from clothes, dampen another piece of laundry or a towel (and throw in another dryer sheet) and put in with the wrinkled clothes and dry on low heat for about 15 minutes. Sometimes this works; sometimes you end up ironing.

•For those of you who are just out of time and can’t get the laundry done, toss what you need to wear in the dryer, like Jeff Foxworthy says, “Warm is Clean!



Laundry Mom~Erin♥

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