Frankincense: A Holy And Healing Gift

Frankincense: A Holy And Healing Gift

by Ashley Knight


“After hearing the king, they went their way; and the star, which they had seen in the east, went on before them until it came and stood over the place where the Child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”
Matthew 2: 9-11

At this very special time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus and in many homes you will see a lovely nativity scene in remembrance of His humble beginnings. Typically included with the nativity are the three wise men who saw His star and followed it bringing exceptional gifts for their King. Even though I’ve heard this story many times, I still think it’s incredible that…


Frankincense a Holy and Healing Gift


…I can hold in my hand Frankincense essential oil and imagine the wise men carrying frankincense to Jesus! By no means am I a biblical scholar or essential oil expert, but I love Jesus and I am very thankful for my essential oils. If the two come together then I’m giddy. When I first started learning about essential oils, I was so excited to smell frankincense and think about it’s aroma filling a room where Jesus sat. It makes it all the more real to me and I feel like I can physically touch and experience an element of the Bible.

Beyond its incredible history, there are many more amazing benefits of Frankincense essential oil. Including support for the immune system, concentration, skin swelling, insect bites, uplifting your mood, strengthening nails, stretch marks, fluid-filled skin, healthy skin, warts, breast health, overall wellness, etc. It’s known for grounding and spiritual connectedness as well and can be diffused during times of prayer or meditation. That’s a long list of impressive qualities for one essential oil. A dear friend of mine says, “When in doubt, pull ‘Frank’ out” because it is a well-rounded oil and in ancient times was believed to cure all known ailments.

As you can see from the benefits above, Frankincense oil is especially good for the skin. When I think of skin issues or strengthening skin then I think of frankincense. In fact, I make my own facial cleansing oil and I love adding Frankincense to it. I feel like my skin glows after I use it.

Just to be sure you fully comprehend the potential skin healing benefits of Frankincense, here is an amazing testimonial:

“In my chiropractic practice, I have used Frankincense for warts and skin keratosis. A ten year old girl showed me a wart on the heel of her hand that was raised and approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. We applied one drop of Frankincense. When she came in the office a week later, the wart had turned black. We applied another drop of Frankincense and when she returned the next week, the wart was gone. Another little boy showed me a small plantar wart on the ball of his left foot. We applied a drop of Frankincense and when he came in several weeks later, the wart had disappeared. Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties and warts are thought to be caused by a virus. I had a small, rough patch on my chest that looked like a keratosis and possibly a pre-cancerous lesion. After several applications of Frankincense, it disappeared and has not returned. Research has demonstrated the skin healing properties of Frankincense. Reportedly, it has the ability to heal damaged DNA.”
-Dr. Lisa M.

Not only do I use it for my skin, I also add it to capsules to boost my immune system. When I’m feeling my body fighting something then I add drops of Frankincense Vitality™ , Oregano Vitality™ and Thieves Vitality™ essential oil blend to a capsule along with olive oil and take it. This very important: I said to use a capsule! I must admit I once tried this by adding the oils directly to water and drank them. I thought my face was going to light on fire and my throat might be burned! Do not try that at home. These oils can be very hot and we need to know how to use them safely. Use a capsule and be sure to add a carrier oil. If you want to learn more about hot oils or how to use the oils safely, please go to TheDropsofJoy.org where you can learn more in-depth information.

Ok, back to the capsule of Frankincense Vitality™ , Oregano Vitality™ and Thieves Vitality™, I took this one night when I felt a scratchy throat and thought a cold might be coming on. The next morning my scratchy throat was gone! One more reason I love Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

As you can see, Frankincense is an incredible essential oil with a beautiful and holy history. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about essential oils and I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas season.



Ashley KnightAshley Knight is married to her best friend and husband, Nick, and mama to two sweet, joyful girls, Grace and Finnegan. She is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, travel, Young Living essential oils and products, eating whole foods, serving others and learning about God’s magnificent, undeserved Grace.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley’s lived in Texas for 5 years now and has officially picked up Y’all and Sir/Ma’am but will always be a native Arizonan. When not chasing or nursing a little one, Ashley is reading and learning how to support her family’s health and wellness with Young Living’s diverse products and pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am a Mom who is passionate about using natural products to improve the health of her family, but I’m not a medical professional. The information in the blog is for educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.

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