First Things First

One of the best visuals object lessons I ever experienced was back when I was a young(er) mom, and started with an empty mason jar. I was at a women’s retreat where the speaker was demonstrating the importance of setting priorities. This is extra beneficial for the Christmas season, where our time and energy can be easily overtaken by the options of fun festivities! Here’s how it looks- try it for yourself!

1) Grab a pint size mason jar, 10 walnuts and about 1 cup of sunflower seeds.

2) Consider the most important parts you want to experience this holiday season. Each walnut will represent those things:  peace in the home, certain meaningful traditions you don’t want to pass by; or a new tradition that you may want to begin with your family. Setting your heart on Jesus. Recalling the importance of the star. YOU decide what each walnut is to represent. Pick as many- or as few- as you want.

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3) Look at the mound of sunflower seeds- and let those represent the parts of life that may seem lower on the priority list.  You decide what they are- maybe it’s keeping on top of the house cleaning, making food, sending Christmas cards or attending certain events.

4) Pour the sunflower seeds into the jar first, then add the walnuts. You probably guessed it already. They just won’t fit.

5) Dump it all out- and start again. This time placing the walnuts- those non-negotiable, top priority items- in the jar first.                                                                           Next, slowly pour all the sunflower seeds in.

Yep… it ALL fits in this way.

When the high priority items are maintained in our lives, and truly set apart first, the other stuff seems to fall into place.

I like to keep a jar like this on my desk or kitchen windowsill in the month of December. It reminds me through the month to keep my eye on the treasure. To not let the details of life overtake the meaning that I hope to experience and have my family remember about this season. And to enjoy all the great stuff- knowing the details of the rest will come together in the empty spaces between.

How do you find the balance between keeping meaningful traditions & not becoming overly busy in the Christmas season?

Come on over to Facebook and share with us your tips on staying calm in the midst of the busy Holiday Season! We would love to connect with you!



Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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