Finding Balance with the Christmas Frenzy

Finding Balance with the Christmas Frenzy

by Terri Bonin

Brushing my hair at one sink, while my beloved dentist brushes his teeth at the other, I list with enthusiasm the activities of the week.

“I’m so excited! This is going to be a GREAT WEEK! We start basketball, then we have the cookie exchange with 10  families, then there’s Celebration at the church…”

His toothbrush stops.

As does my mouth.

When will I learn?

He enjoys these events much more if he hears the plan as we walk out the door. The very Christmas frenzy that energizes me is the exact schedule that DRAINS him!

My list of holiday activities for December fills a full page, but that page needs to be hidden—out of site—in a drawer, as not to stress out one EXTREMELY busy dentist the month of December. I forget each year that this is the month the WHOLE WORLD tries to use up their dental insurance before the New Year. This simply means Dr. Bonin gets home two hours later than usual each evening during this festive month.

My FUN list DOES NOT excite him.

Mental note: Put a reminder on phone next December to AVOID mentioning “The List.”

My honey is NO Scrooge by any means. Grumpy? NEVER… Tired? YES.  So I carefully orchestrate a quiet house in the evenings in between Christmas parties, pageants, Live Nativities, caroling, and such during the busiest month of the year.

I dance the swing, while he steps to the waltz in December, but somehow we keep it together and enjoy each other delicately during this time.

Many couples have conflicting ideas on what the Christmas calendar should look like, but it is certainly NOTHING that should divide a couple. Celebrate the birth of Christ by showing true unity even while you disagree. Remember unity DOES NOT mean two people have the same opinion. It simply means two go in the same direction, while one of them defers in spite of said opinion.

In our home, I deliberately schedule a few Silent Nights, so that my husband can enjoy the not so silent ones that dominate the month.

What good is a fast and furious month of celebrating Christ, if the ones we love get isolated in the name of a party?

Consider your Man when your calendar is open and don’t let your list of activities STRESS HIM OUT!  He’s worth it! Be sure at least a few Silent Nights are penciled onto your calendar this Christmas month.

Happy scheduling and Merry Christmas!


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