Finding a Family Business

One way to help a family meet financial goals is with a family business.

Whether you work together on one business idea, or you empower your kids to earn their own money, allowing them to help produce and add to the family finances is a great idea, especially in our unpredictable economy.

This summer we will be celebrating our oldest daughter’s wedding.  Since we have six daughters in our family, I often dream about opening up a wedding planning service, since we’ll eventually be experts one day.

But for now, couponing is our family business. Our family has treated coupon clipping as a business, because we can save enough money  to account for a part-time job, usually around $1000 per month! When I wrote, The Classical Couponer , our entire family was involved in one way or another in this project. This came out of my own personal prayers for a family business opportunity. Our kids cut, filed, sorted, and shopped with mom weekly. They also  meal planned and cooked.

When it comes to a family business, the best advice I heard as a young woman say was to find something that you do well, and get better at it.


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Learn as much as you possibly can about that area.

Take time out and study those who are better at the trade than you, then teach your teens the same principle. Become an expert in any field and you will be marketable.

Each one of your teens has a special gift and talent that others will sometimes pay for. My oldest daughter is a great Latin student and she has a nice little tutoring business on the side while she is in college. She continues to study Latin herself under a college professor, as she teaches to younger students.

My 17 year-old-son teaches piano lessons, and he continues to improve his piano skills by sitting under a college level instructor. The idea is that we don’t let them just ‘settle’ for where they are in their skills, but we teach them to always work to improve themselves.

My 13-year-old son wants to be a chef. He runs a produce co-op weekly, and apprentices at a local restaurant to improve his skills in the culinary arts.  He volunteers his services any chance he gets to help with catering jobs.

My 16-year-old daughter babysits, tutors, teaches classes, and works as an apprentice in a local doctors office to learn more about the field.

My husband is a highly skilled musician, but he still practices and works on improving his talent. He listens to musicians who are better than he is, he practices on other instruments, and he studies music theory weekly.

I recommend Dan Miller’s book, 48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal,for both you and your teens to read.  I also highly recommend Grooming the Next Generation for Success by Dani Johnson. This will motivate them to discover their God-given gifts and talents and learn how to develop them even more so that others will pay them to learn.

This month The Laundry Moms have been encouraging you and your family to jump on the bandwagon with us and pay off debt, sell items you don’t need, and grow your income with a family business! Comment below or come on over to Facebook and let us know how your implementing these changes in your life today!


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