Fat Proof Your Kids

One day I was sitting in my pediatrician’s office waiting for our name to be called and the scene in front of me was impossible to ignore.  Across from me sat an extremely obese woman and her almost equally obese toddler. The toddler fussed, cried and wriggled in discomfort, all while the mom kept unwrapping little chocolates and poking them into the child’s mouth in an attempt to pacify the ill one.

The child was too young to communicate clearly what she needed, but it was obvious she did NOT want the chocolate. The irritated mom, however, continued her unsuccessful attempts to passify the child with sugar, which only made the scene worse…

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This mom was passing her bad habits down to her unsuspecting child creating another generation of obesity and sickness.

What we put in our bodies and when we put it in our bodies affects our lives.

We moms must thoughtfully consider the foods we give our children and choose wisely, because we pass down a lifetime of habits to our children by our daily choices.

Food is fuel. It either retards or energizes mind and body.

We moms buy the groceries and we moms serve the meals. This fact gives us the PERFECT opportunity to give our kids a GOOD START.

I understand the mom in the above example. In my own way, I’ve been guilty, too.

I have allowed my kids to devour foods that I would NEVER eat. Foods that I know will make me tired and pudgy, yet I have passively let my kids chow down as if it does not matter.

You  just read a small excerpt of Fat Proof Your Kids that will be released this summer. When it is published you will be given an exclusive opportunity to receive the full book for FREE  just because you’re YOU! The book is full of stories, examples and solutions to Fat Proof Your Kids.


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2 comments on “Fat Proof Your Kids

  1. Mama2eight says:

    What you say is true! If you feed your children right, they will fight over the last piece of broccoli!

    I have seen very good friends work hard to get down to a normal weight. Then something happened in theirs lives that undid all that hard work. One had cancer that led to comfort eating. She gained it all back. The other had a change in circumstances that led to comfort eating. I wanted to slap their hands and tell them what they were doing! They were sabotaging all that hard work! I should have been a better friend. I have talked about it with both of these and I will do something if I see it again.

    Many believe that children will stop eating when they are full, but that is not always true. Some won’t stop until they are satisfied. That is a different issue! I put limits on eating when I know they don’t need it. I have one child that if she sees food, she’s hungry. She is overweight. With her cognitive delays, I am not able to reason with her at this time.

    Now I need to work on getting my weight down. Getting older changes things…

    Thank you for bringing up the subject! It’s an important one!

    • Terri Bonin says:

      Mama to 8,

      It’s hard to talk to someone about something as personal as food choices. MOST people do not have ears to hear until they are willing to change anyway, so don’t beat yourself up for “not being a good friend.” They knew their choices were destructive even without you voicing it. If they had clean eating habits before, they will more than likely return in due time.


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