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Some of our fondest memories as a family are snuggling up together while we laugh and cry while watching a good movie! This week The Laundry Moms feature movie is “The Ultimate Life”, the follow up sequel to Jim Stoval’s “The Ultimate Gift“.

These two movies are just as impacting as the books, and teach character lessons that will create morals in your children to carry them through for the rest of their lives. Movies come and go but story telling with a purpose can change a life! Don’t miss this movie that will create memories and instill character for a lifetime!



This touching story of hope and family values is the follow-up to the heartwarming film and best-selling book The Ultimate Gift. Years after receiving life-changing gifts from his granddad, Jason Stevens finds himself in need of guidance again. With everything he loves in jeopardy, he embarks on an incredible journey into the past, through his granddad’s journal, to find guidance for his future.


  • Actors
    • Bill Cobbs
    • Peter Fonda
    • Lee Meriwether
    • Drew Waters
  • Director
    • Michael Landon Jr.

    Check Out the Trailer Below:



 Watch it Here Now:


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One comment on “Family Night Movie

  1. Terri Bonin says:

    We watched this last Friday night when you posted it. The whole family love it! Thanks.

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