Family Movie Night-“The Identical”


~Family Movie Night~

“The Identical”

The Identical is a great movie full of entertainment as well as an inspirational message about forgiveness and fatherhood. Generations across the board will fall in love with this film, The Identical also asks some interesting questions about what it means to follow God and to discern our calling in life…making for a great movie night for the whole family!

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THE IDENTICAL is a redemptive movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father’s desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks on a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really is. A captivating story about a family restored and a life discovered that “lifts your soul and warms your heart” (Jeffrey K. Howard,! Starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano, and introducing Blake Rayne – THE IDENTICAL is filled with “beautifully-layered funny and human performances.”

  • Actors
    • Ray Liotta
    • Ashley Judd
    • Seth Green
    • Joe Pantoliano
    • Brian Geraghty

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