Family Movie Night- “The Great Bear”

Only available in Redbox….”The Great Bear” is a great family film to rent to make it a Friday night in! It shows great courage and sibling bond ing for the whole family while getting in touch with nature’s furry creatures!


While visiting their grandfather in the countryside, twelve-year-old Jonathan follows his younger sister, Sophie, into the forbidden forest where a wild animal seemingly abducts her. After frantically searching, Jonathan finds her in the company of a 1,000-year-old bear. Because of the beast’s ferocious appearance, Jonathan agrees to help a hunter capture him using his sister as bait. But Sophie’s fondness of the bear eventually convinces Jonathan to change his allegiance and soon the siblings find they must fight to save both the bear and his forest habitat.


Check Out the Trailer Below!

Cast:       Markus Rygaard
                Alberte Blichfeldt
               Flemming Quist Moller
               Elith Nulle Nykjaer






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