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In the midst of fast-paced antics kids will find some solid encouragement to look beneath the surface and seek out the heart and unique qualities of the “misfits” around them. They’ll also find themselves thinking that sometimes a little extra bravery is required if you want to do right by those you love. There’s even a subtle statement here about the potentially isolating nature of social media—especially when compared to the joy of really plugging in with family and friends. Home5

When a misfit alien named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) crash lands on Earth, he forms an unlikely friendship with Tip (voiced by Rihanna), an adventurous but untrusting girl. Together they form an odd couple friendship and embark on a global road trip while on the run from Oh’s own alien species. Their wild trip and growing bond of friendship plays a vital role in intergalactic relations.


Jennifer Lopez

Jim Parsons


Steve Martin

Matt Jones

Dominique Monfery


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