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Have you ever dealt with a difficult situation in a school setting? …or maybe you know someone who has? Well this week’s movie pick will have you standing on your chair rooting for a fellow Momma who will just not give up on her kid!

“Won’t Back Down” will win your heart and let you know there is hope for those who believe in doing what’s right! Better yet it will have you asking the most important question with your family…What are you going to do with your one and only life?


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 OSCAR ® Nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal (2009, Supporting Actress, “Crazy Heart”) and Viola Davis (2011, Actress, “The Help”) lead a stellar cast in writer-director Daniel Barnz’s inspirational drama inspired by actual events. Frustrated by her dyslexic daughter’s struggles at a failing inner-city school, Jamie Fitzpatrick (Gyllenhaal) tries to enroll her somewhere else. When this fails, Jamie recruits a disillusioned but caring teacher (Davis) to try to fix the broken school. Soon, the women find themselves in a tense battle against apathy, hopelessness, and powerful interests. OSCAR ® Winner Holly Hunter (1993, Actress, “The Piano”) and OSCAR ® Nominee Rosie Perez (1993 Supporting Actress, “Fearless”) also star in this inspiring story that shows how profoundly parents can affect their kids’ education.

  • Actors
    • Maggie Gyllenhaal
    • Viola Davis
    • Oscar Isaac
    • Rosie Perez
    • Holly Hunter
  • Director
    • Daniel Barnz


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