Family Movie Night!

I just love getting to spend time with my kids one on one, and this weekend my 16 year old and I set off on an adventure to spend the next 3 days together. After getting all settled into our seats on the plane, we were excited to start our weekend off with a sneak preview of the GMC World Premiere Movie, ‘Finding Normal’! Now we are just your back home southern belles, and when we found out this movie had one of our favorite actresses in it, Candace Cameron Bure, we just had to pinch ourselves that we had this opportunity to see it before it’s grand debut!

We loved the wholesome goodness this movie shares as it depicts the important things in life that we might all too often forget. It’s very refreshing to be able to sit through a move without having to worry about Hollywood making it seem like life is more glamorous with the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or even the type of latte you drink!

This movie has a simplistic story line that reminds us all that God, Family and Faith are what make this life worth living! You and your family will absolutely enjoy sitting down together to watch, ‘Finding Normal’, this Saturday Night!


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In the @gmctv World Premiere Movie ‘Finding Normal’, Dr. Lisa Leland (Candace Cameron Bure), a brilliant surgeon with no bedside manner, is on her way to the Hamptons to join her boyfriend as a concierge doctor for the rich and famous when she totals her car and is found guilty of speeding through the small town of Normal. She is ordered to do community service in the small town of 332 people with no wi-fi, no lattes, and no credit cards. Will she survive and find out what a meaningful life is all about? Tune in Saturday May 18th at 7, 9&11pm et to find out!

Check Out the Trailer Below:



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