Family Movie Night

While everyone is recovering from over stuffing on Thanksgiving, it’s time to pile up on the couch with a left over Thanksgiving Sandwich and watch this classic Disney movie, Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale!


Get ready for nonstop action in this rousing tale of a Native American who defies incredible odds in his struggle for freedom! Squanto, a young warrior abducted from his homeland and enslaved, must battle impossible hazards on a desperate journey home. Driven by a passion to be free, he risks everything to escape his captors, braving the wilderness and triumphing, finally, as a great leader. A vivid true story of one man’s unquenchable thirst for independence, Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale thrills with high-powered action and inspires with legendary courage!

  • Actors
    • Adam Beach
    • Alex Norton
    • Irene Bedard
    • Eric Schweig
    • Stuart Pankin
    • Donal Donnelly
    • Michael Gambon
    • Mandy Patinkin
    • Nathaniel Parker
    • Sheldon Peters Wolfchild
    • Director
      • Xavier Koller

Check Out the Trailer Here:

Watch it Now:

Have a Wonderful Family Filled Weekend!


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