Faithful in the Smalls

I remember when Klara had her heart set on a new doll that she saw at the store. She came home and dumped out her piggy bank on her bed and realized that she was way short (waaaaay short). When she realized she had to earn eight dollars, she immediately pursued me for some jobs to do around the house.

“Is there anything I can do to earn eight dollars?” she asked.

“Honey,” I told her…


“eight dollars is a lot of money. I don’t think I have a chore around the house where you can earn eight dollars. But I do have several chores that you can do and add up together over time.”

Well, that is NOT what Klara wanted to hear.

“Do you have a chore where I can earn five dollars?” she asked.

“Nope, not one chore. But, like I told you, I have several chores that you can do and earn that money. As a matter of fact, I need all the plants outside watered. If you want to water all the plants in the front yard and back yard, I’ll pay you fifty cents.”

Klara thought about it for a while. You face drooped, she got a sad expression in her eyes, and she said, “That’s okay. I just won’t get the doll.”

She turned to leave the room, but I stopped her and we talked about diligence and hard work. I explained that she would appreciate that doll even more after she worked so hard to get it. After much coercion on my part, she finally decided to water the plants and earn the money. I’m happy to say that she is a good $2.50 toward her goal of eight dollars and still working hard. As it gets closer and closer she gets more and more excited.

How often do we behave the same way? Maybe your kitchen isn’t exactly how you want it. Maybe you don’t like the countertops or it needs new flooring. You don’t keep it clean and neat because you are waiting on that someday when, in one sudden moment, you get it exactly how you want it. Maybe you don’t dress nicely or put effort into your appearance because you are waiting on that someday when, in one sudden moment, you get your body exactly how you want it. Or perhaps you are not stopping the little leaks or putting money into savings because you are waiting on that someday when, in one sudden moment, you get a windfall of money.

I will be the first one to tell you that the sudden moments happen. They happen for me and they continue to happen for me. God is a God of sudden advances, sudden miracles, and sudden moments. In one single turn of events, God can suddenly propel you to places you could never have imagined.

But the “suddenlies” NEVER happen when you don’t have the diligence to manage what you already have. Scripture tells us that when we are faithful in the small things, God advances us to the bigger things (Matthew 25:23). If we don’t show diligence and discipline in managing that kitchen with the ugly countertops, God is never going to move us into the granite ones. If we don’t dress ourselves up or put effort into our appearance, then we are never going to get that body we desire. And the biggie–if we can’t show discipline in the small amounts of money that we have, we will never get our hands on any more.

Whatever place you are in life and whatever you have to work with, you better give it all you got. If you never learn how to earn fifty cents, you’ll never learn how to earn eight dollars! Skills are not acquired; they are developed. Develop your skills today and see where they take you tomorrow. Don’t let your dreams die, like Klara’s almost did. If God has given you a vision and a dream, go after it today. Master the “smalls” and leave it up to God to advance you into the “suddenlies.”



LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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