Faith Painting

I’m trying to get some projects done around my house and, Mama, it ain’t easy. Every time I think I have a spare hour, something pops up and I have to take care of it. About three weeks ago, I went to the home improvement store to buy some paint for my bedroom. When I got home, I put it in the hallways along with the painting tray and the rollers to remind me to get on it immediately.

That was three weeks ago.

It’s still sitting right there in the hallway.

Sometimes, we just can’t get ourselves to start projects because we know they are going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort on our part. Also, we know it’s going to be messy–very, messy. So, we just leave it there. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. But, here’s the deal…


the paint is not going to do anyone any good until I finally suck it up and crack open that can!

If we’re not careful, we can let our lives become like that. There are so many gifts and talents within us. There are so many dreams that God has placed in our hearts. We can let them sit in there and slowly fade away. Or we can roll up our sleeves and do something about it.

This week, I want to encourage you to do some “faith painting.” There may be something in your life that is trying to discourage you. In the natural, you may not ever see how it can come to pass. But, thank heavens, we serve a supernatural God! You may not be able to see how that dream can come to pass, or how that debt will ever be paid off, or how that child can ever get on the right path, but God does. As a matter of fact, He provided the means and the methods, before He ever planted that desire in your heart. All He needs you to do is get in agreement with Him. Even if you can’t see HOW; all you need to do is to see WHO!

Go ahead and crack open that can and start painting. Stretch yourself to start believing for the extraordinary. Don’t hope for a miracle, EXPECT it! God wants to bless you and make your dreams reality. He tells us to “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it” (Psalm 81:10). Don’t go through life with your dreams tucked away gathering dust. Don’t live any more with tight lips and a furrowed brow. Stretch yourself! Open your mouth! Open your life and let the miracles pour in! Yes, it will be messy and it will take effort. But when God is on your side, there is no power that can stand in your way. Paint away!



LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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