Environment is Key

“Environment is Key”

by Tammie Nelson


You know the sayings, “You are what you eat.” Or “You become what you think about.” Well I would like to take it a step further and say, “You become like what is around you.”  What you surround yourself with is who you become.


In this world today we have at our fingertips all the resources and information we could possibly imagine. As a mom I get pretty overwhelmed with all the options out there. To keep it simple I have learned to focus on having the environment in our home be one of “Surrounding ourselves with Greatness.”


When it comes to our home there is a list of five things I like ask myself. Then I just focus on having the best environment possible and step back and let the greatness begin. It’s hard for your child to fail when living in a healthy inspiring environment.


Here are the five things I ask myself on a regular basis, in no particular order…


  1. Do the resources we are using teach our children what to think or how to think? Do they merely entertain or do we learn from them over and over again?
  2. Almost as important as the nourishment we give our minds is the nourishment we give our bodies. Do I have an abundance of food in my home that is not only tasty and enjoyable to eat but does it provide the nourishment we need?
  3. Is the Spirit of the Lord present in our home? Do we read his words daily? Do we pray together often? Do we look to Him as the source of all knowledge?
  4. Am I an example of learning, growth and hard work? Do my children see me reading, studying, working and learning new things? Do I surround myself with greatness and am I an example of greatness to them?
  5. Do we take time to have fun and relax, knowing the importance of JOY in this life? Do I stop and ask myself, will this really matter 10 years from now?  Am I enjoying the journey and taking time for the little things?


I know that as a mother there are a million other questions we ask ourselves like: Should we put Susie in dance? Will Jonny ever learn to spell? Am I ruining the kids? Will they resent me when they are grown? And the big one: Am I doing the right thing?


It’s easy to get caught up wanting the very best for our kids, but sometimes it all just turns into busyness that doesn’t really matter in the eternal scheme of things. It’s easy to fall short and to beat ourselves up.

That’s when I like to sit down with a nice healthy treat, breathe deep and ask myself what really matters. When I do that it always comes down to my children knowing that we are a family that loves God and that He is the source of all light, truth and knowledge.  If we surround ourselves in his love and let Him help us create an environment for learning in our homes our kids can’t help but become great. Environment is key! It really is that simple.






Tammie@SimpleHealthyTastyTammie Nelson is a wife, homeschool mother of four, Nutritional Herbologist, recipe healthifier, ingredient freak and never diet again advocate. Inspired to a healthier lifestyle by a family history of cancer and personal weight struggles. She relys on Jesus as her ultimate example and source of strength. She battles busyness in the fight to strengthen families one Simple. Healthy. Tasty. meal at a time.


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