It’s coming y’all! It’s almost spring which means that summer will be right behind it. We’ve officially passed the winter hump that makes you feel like it will never get warm again (if you’re in the North anyway) and now we can really look forward to warm weather. Yaaaaaay! With this newfound excitement, I thought I would focus on some sunshine in a bottle just for you…

What is this magical sunshine in a bottle?

Young Living’s Lemon Essential oil of course! It comes in two versions: vitality and regular. The vitality comes in a white label and can be ingested. The regular bottle is all yellow and can be used topically and aromatically. All that means is that you can put it on your skin and diffuse it in the air. One thing to keep in mind when putting any kind of citrus oil on your skin is that you only want to do it at night. Citrus oils are photosensitive and if you put them on and go into the sun you can increase your risk of burning. Give yourself 12 hours before going out in the sunlight just to be safe.

Now that those housekeeping details are out of the way, let’s chat about all the ways lemon oil is amazing. Burned your dinner again? Diffusing lemon oil can get rid of that stinky smell and make you seem like the queen of cooking again (even if you’re not). Kids put stickers on the car windows for the millionth time? Fear not! A little bit of lemon oil on a cotton ball will remove them and the sticky residue they left behind (it’s also great for gum in the hair). Buh-bye! Need a little extra pep in your step? Apply some lemon oil to the inside of your wrist for an extra burst of enthusiasm.

Lemon oil smells bright and energizing so it’s the perfect scent to dilute in the car while you’re stuck in traffic. I’m a homeschooling mama and lemon is one of those oils that helps my kids focus so it gets diffused regularly when we’re doing school. Trust me, it helps! You can add some lemon to your nightly face routine to brighten your skin. You can even get rid of tough stuck on stains with some baking soda, water, and lemon oil.

You can add 1-2 drops of lemon vitality to your water to help keep you hydrated all day long. This is seriously a powerhouse oil y’all! A better question might be, what can’t it do?

If you’d like to learn more be sure and message our sister site The Drops of Joy for more education or to order Young Living essential oils just click here!