I over heard a handful of moms bemoaning the fact that their kids were getting sick too often during this cold and flu season. I understand. It’s a real problem. I’ve been there and have learned a few simple strategies for avoiding “the bugs” through out the years. So here’s my two cents from raising 11 kids…


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The old proverb, An apple a day keeps the doctor away, has earned its place for a reason. Do you know the benefits of apples?


Apples are bursting with immune boosting antioxidants. Quercetin is the fancy name for the antioxidant found in these sweet and sometimes tart treats, but you don’t need to know the name in order to reap the benefits. Just remember: Apples are a powerful antioxidant.


Apples detoxify the liver and keep the bowels moving. The body is like a river and if part of the river is built up with refuse, then the rest of the river is toxic too. In order to keep the body clean and healthy, the bowels must move daily. An apple is a GREAT way to do this. Keeping the bowels regular with these crunchy treats also helps to neutralize irritable bowel syndrome, beat diarrhea and obviously constipation which are all dreaded sicknesses. I buy apples by the case and require my kids to eat one daily. I rarely have to nudge them in this direction, rather I usually find myself repeating…”Slow down on the apples, this case needs to last a few weeks!”


I bet if the only tip you take away from this article is to add one organic apple a day to your child’s diet, you would see an improvement. I challenge you to try it.


Let’s move on:


Another immune booster is to give the body a break! Artificial ingredients, dyes, and fake foods weaken the immune system. A strong army needs the right weapons in order to fight. Packaged food does NOT have the nutrients the immune warriors need to form their weapons. We can help our warriors by giving them the tools they need to fight, rather than disarming them with poor nutrition. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Keep fresh foods -real foods- in the house and watch your kids get stronger and healthier. (I talk more about this in my e-book Fat Proof Your Kids)


Some of us have kids with allergies. Gluten intolerance is a big one these days. (I’ll explain why it’s a new allergy in another article in the future.) These kids tend to have stuffed up noses more than other kids, even when they are avoiding gluten. This comes from secondary irritants. During the cold and flue season it is super, duper important to guard these children from secondary irritants. Sugar is ALWAYS on the list. Dairy is second. Peanut butter can be a biggy, too. Know your child. Watch the reactions (s)he has to the foods (s)he eats.


When the fever strikes, don’t panic. The immune fighting warriors are killing as many bad guys as possible and the heat is on. The fever makes a person tired and for a reason; rest will help these guys work. When we medicate the fever we prolong the problem. Of course, a high fever is NOT safe, so watch that. But don’t panic when your child feels hot. Stir up a pot of  homemade chicken soup, and snuggle up on the couch with your little one. Love boosts the immune system too…It’s proven.


I also HIGHLY recommend looking into essential oils. I rub oils on my kids when needed with great results.


Sickness cannot always be avoided, but we moms can do everything possible during the seasons of sniffles in order to boost our kids’ immune systems.




1) Add an apple a day to your kids diets.


2) Clean out the pantry and refrigerator of fake, packaged foods with artificial ingredients.


3) When fever strikes, don’t immediately disarm the fighting warriors.


4) Give lots of hugs and kisses


5) Learn about essential oils.


Even though I’ve been raising kids for years and years and years and have learned a few  simple strategies for avoiding “bugs”…I still seek other moms’ wisdom and I benefit from their personal experiences. That’s the reason I LOVE the Healthy Living Bundle we’ve been talking about this week. The women who have written on Common Sense Health,  Essential Oils, Finding Joy in Depression, Energy Explosion, Affordable Gluten Free and so much more, have become home experts in their areas of interest. We moms need each other.

There will never come a day when we will stop needing one another for encouragement, information and friendship. I hope you snatch this opportunity to become apart of the Living Health community. Visit with the authors during the Coffee Table Conversations. Read their words. Reach out to them with your questions and GROW so that you can pay it forward to another mom. In fact, the bundle can also be purchased as a gift and what a great gift! If you buy one at full price you get the 2nd one at half price. The books are already marked down to 36 cents each and that just slices the price even more.

Happy Health to You!



Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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