Don’t Lose Hope

Don’t Lose Hope

By Meggan Larson


This article isn’t for everyone. I’m writing this to the ones who have been trying to lose weight for a long time. The ones who have had success in the past but have gained most, if not all, the weight back. I’m writing this for the ones who are at the end of their hope and have maybe even resigned themselves to the assumption that this is it; this is how life is now.

That’s not true, and that’s not you.

Here’s how I know…

Don't Lose Hope

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 8 years which is over a 1/5 of my life. I went from having a six pack to having my abs separate during pregnancy, to gaining over 100lbs. I then lost 60lbs in a year doing Trim Healthy Mama only to gain back most of it the next couple of years. What a frustrating rollercoaster. I have learned a lot in the last year about why I gained the weight back and how I can avoid that in the future and now I have successfully lost 38 & ½ of that initial 100lb weight gain and well over 40 inches and for the first time, I am not afraid of it coming back.

This is why I confidently say to you, don’t lose hope. It may take you longer than others, that’s okay. It may feel like it’s never going to happen, but don’t buy into that lie. You can look back at some of my latest articles to see some clues as to why you may be stuck in your weight loss (hormones, etc) but if you have no idea why you keep losing and gaining the same pounds then send me an email and I’ll help you work it out.

It has become my passion to see people set free of the things holding them back. When you are unhappy with your body it stops you from doing the things you want to do, or are called to do. It makes you want to hide and that was never what you were created for. If I can help you get free of that I would love to.

To learn more about the things I’ve talked about in previous articles like naturally balancing hormones, etc please feel free to join our FB class group and watch some of our previous classes. I’d love to see you there! Join our class group here.

~ Meggan 🙂

p.s. As always I’d love to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments please comment below or email me at


Meggan Larson is a wife, mom of three, and challenge overcomer! Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy when her second born child was only three months old, gave Meggan an expected twist to her life. Dealing with pregnancy weight gain and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, Meggan’s weight soared to over 228 pounds. Feeling humiliated with no desire to socialize, Meggan was desperate for a change. Shortly after losing 20 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama program, Meggan found out she was pregnant with baby number three, which ended in an emergency C-section and unexpected hysterectomy. Despite the challenges she faced, Meggan has just celebrated her one year “trimiversary”, and her success of releasing just over 60 pounds! Meggan is confident that her success on plan is “doable” for anyone looking to gain back their health and wanting to live a trim and healthy lifestyle!

Check out Meggan Larson over at Desire To Inspire!

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