Divide the Chores & Conquer the Chaos



 “Divide the Chores & Conquer the Chaos” 

by Debi Chapman


If only our homes could keep themselves clean!!

Many little hands make for big messes. But, take heart,  ‘many hands {also} make light work’.

Good news: Housework can easily be divided among family members so the majority of work does not fall on Mom. 

We have divided jobs according to the ages of our children. From little ones to teens, everyone can have an active place in caring for the home.

Below are the 3 stages of a child’s development and a list of chores to fit each stage. We have worked our chores around the ages of our children through the years and found it possible to keep up with the demands of home life when everyone works together according to their ability.

Check Out the List Here…


Preschoolers – (2-4 yrs) Chores at this age consist of picking up after themselves – we call this ritual a pick up party!  Toddlers can be your best helpers. This character trait will benefit them in the years to come and helps to boost their self worth. Everyone needs an active part in the family. A little one is often willing and available. Start early to let your toddler know your need their help. Working together is a natural way to develop your relationship and get the work done. 

Examples of  preschool chores:

• Help put dishes away with Mom’s help

• Bring baby’s items to Mom or Dad (diapers, wipes)

• Close the door behind themselves (car door, front door)

• Put their own clothes in the laundry basket

• Pick up toys and put them away (do this several times a day in small portions)

• Help carry small bags 

• Put away groceries (unbreakable items with oversight)

• Empty plasticware from the dishwasher

Grade school years – (5-11 yrs) Basic chore lists do well at these ages so kids know what is expected of them. They like a sense of accomplishment and a job well done. REPETITION brings security and identity to kids of these ages. They are learning to live a disciplined life and take responsibility for the world around them.

Chore lists help children visualize their progress and help mom keep up with their actions. Tip: A small reward at the end of each week is a great motivator and a way to celebrate the work accomplished. 

Detailed chore lists for young children can be found online – Pinterest has endless lists for free. Tip: Declutter bedrooms to help minimize chores and maximize orderliness. Often, ‘less is more’ when it comes to a child’s environment. 

Job ideas for grade schoolers:

• Feed animals

• Clean and wipe off table after a meal

• Set table – properly (girls and guys)

• Make baby’s/toddler’s bed

• Load/empty dishwasher

• Load/unload the dryer

• Vacuum – about 8yrs +

• Wash windows

• Change sheets weekly (pick a specific day)

• Fold and put away towels, sheets, and blankets

Jr High Years – ( ages 12-15) Give them ownership of an area or a zone. Teens need to know the reason behind their roles so they can UNDERSTAND their role in the family!  Tip: Make sure they have adequate tools for the job. Your teens may ask for a specific mop or a certain type of yard bags. My guys like the steam mop for floors and a brand of window cleaner that works effectively. They are learning what it takes to maintain a home and need to know the logic behind the work. Skills learned in this era will serve them into adulthood and equip them to care for their environment. Their future spouses will thank you! 

Jobs ideas for teens:

• Mop the kitchen floor

• Rake and bag leaves

• Keep the guest bathroom clean and ready for company

• Clean the kitchen after a specific meal – daily

• Sweep the back porch and keep it clutter free

• Garbage and recycling to the curb weekly

• Wash their own laundry

• Clean windows 

• Dust overhead fans

High School Years – (ages 16-18) Ask for your teenager’s opinion in managing the home. We work with larger jurisdictions at this age with greater responsibility. As they EXPRESS themselves, they can offer insight into how to run the home more effectively. At this age they begin to value what they want to their own homes someday. Their decorative tastes may become evident – learn from your teen. 

Larger jurisdictions for teens:

• Keep the yard mowed

• Keep all the towels and sheets washed and put away

• Spring cleaning

• Organize attic, garage, outside shed

• Clean swimming pool weekly

• Help paint the house

• Clean refrigerator weekly

• Clean outside windows

• Sweep cobwebs outside

• Help with decor and making home life more functional – they have great ideas!

• Prepare dinner regularly or for a special occasion

Mundane household jobs are a daily opportunity for discipleship. When we divide up the work and conquer it together our hearts are united in purpose and we all experience a sense of accomplishment. Learning to prefer one another and work together are the cornerstones of the Christian life and our homes are the training grounds for the purposes of Christ.

Philippians 2:4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.”



Debi is convinced that our homes are the battlefields for society. As a college student, she asked the Lord to send her to the front lines of ministry. Armed with a newfound devotion to Christ and Child Development background, she married her college sweetheart and they began to dream of what a family could become. Thirty plus years later, Tim and Debi have eleven children, six grandchildren, and lives filled with frontline battle-scars and victories beyond measure.

Presently, they have a house full of teenagers in DFW and four sons in college. Debi’s desire is to leave footprints for those who follow, and to impart grace to mothers of all ages. Debi can be found at Fresh Grace for Mothers , @mother211, Instagram and Pinterest , but her favorite place on earth is home.




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