Detox Overload

Detox Overload

By Terri Bonin

Y’all I have some funny stories to share with you about a dear friend of mine. They’re quite comical if you ask me and yes I have permission to share these stories. You see my friend is really passionate about her health, especially moving into 2020, and she got a little too enthusiastic about her regimen. She discovered that her body was wanting mud masks to pull toxins out of her body, dry brushing to get her lymphatic system working well, and several essential oils to help with her dry skin issues.

She went ahead and…

…ordered what she needed and very excitedly dry brushed, put her mud mask on, and for good measure went ahead and did an ionic foot bath at the same time. What all of that did was overload her system by pulling out all of the toxins through the mud mask and foot detox bath and she felt completely hung over for the rest of the day. Oops!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this same friend now knows that her body is wanting supplements in the form of flax seed oil, cod liver oil, and Senna tea because she’s not pooping regularly. She quickly placed an amazon order and got her goodies in a few days. She immediately and enthusiastically took the flax seed and cod liver oil capsules and drank a cup of Senna tea. She was feeling really good about the new things she was incorporating into her routine. In fact she was feeling great, until a couple of hours later when the supplements and tea kicked in and she proceeded to have diarrhea for 24 straight hours. Y’all it even woke her up three times in the night! Hah! Needless to say she started this new year off with a bang!

Incorporating new supplements, oils, and routines into your daily life is a GOOD thing! But it might be a good idea to incorporate them one at a time so as not to shock your entire system. What new things are you incorporating into your daily routine this year?

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and supplements be sure and message our sister site The Drops of Joy for more education or to start your monthly wellness box from Young Living just click here!

~ Terri


Meet Terri Bonin, the author of 31 Days to Fit,  14 Days to Ignite Your Marriageand Live, Laugh, Love, and Laundry. Terri’s 23-year union with her favorite dentist (her husband), has been prosperous in their prolific production of 10 darling children. She also holds a degree in nutritional counseling which seems to be most frequently used to persuade her children to eat their greens. Terri’s secret pleasure is sneaking away from juggling the daily tasks, homeschooling, and dating her husband to escape to her office to write for her own enjoyment. As you can imagine she has a LOT to write about!

*Disclaimer: The information above is based on my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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