It’s time to join the battle for your freedom!

Tens of thousands of people have already used to help pay off millions of dollars in debt! Anyone can use this simple system to knock down debt and live more sustainably.

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An incredible secret to fixing the “deficit” without raising “revenues”

Debt is a MASSIVE problem, or maybe you haven’t heard about the European debt crisis or the 16 trillion dollars that the US Government owes. Of course the world’s leaders will continue to point fingers and apply band-aids, hoping that the problem will go away. That kind of attitude isn’t paying off the debt and it certainly isn’t helping YOU.

You need a concrete, battle-ready strategy to put into practice AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

WarOnDebt Program01 small war on debt home study program 1

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Debt secrets the lenders don’t want
you to know!

Pay off mountains of debt without raising your income!

It didn’t begin this way. You started life with a carefree heart and boundless imagination, the same brilliant optimism that every child wears like a superhero cape.

You never saw it coming. Few people do, fantasizing about a different sort of future – becoming rich one day and buying the family a house on the beach and every day would be like summer vacation. Or maybe you just wanted to bring in enough money to keep your parents from fighting over the grocery bill.

The older you grew, the more clearly you saw the reality: What you can’t afford today, you can pay for tomorrow, or next year. And why not? It starts with emergencies, matters of survival where borrowing money is the least of your worries. Soon, it becomes a matter of necessity, where daily purchases are made against your future income.

At some point, unbeknownst to you, the colorful possibilities of your childhood faded into gray walls papered over with the bills of each new day. You may be floating payments, but you’ve never felt so far under water.

Now you can barely imagine your life without payments – first and second mortgages, auto loans, credit cards upon credit cards, educational loans, and medical bills. This is not the future you had envisioned as a child, but somehow the simple act of borrowing money has transformed into a frightful prison that you carry everywhere you go. Not only does it weigh on you, but it hurts the people you love the most – spouses or partners who are angry about your debt, family members who have “already lent you too much money”, friends who are sick of you being broke.

The shame is something you ignore just to get through the day, but in your quietest moments, it crawls up your spine and grips your throat. You’re so ready to escape, if only you could find a crack in the prison wall, you’d break free, never to return. You need a glimmer of hope that gives way to something other than immovable piles of billing statements and late notices.

WarOnDebt Program01 small war on debt home study program 1

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Here’s What Others Have Experienced!

“Prior to attending one of Dani Johnson’s seminars, I was spending money in ways that were financially detrimental to my family. Since then, I learned that I should pass our finances over to my husband who is much more capable of handling them. Our marriage is better for it now and we are paying off debt!”
~ Jennifer Cherry

“My wife and I came to Dani Johnson and found a whopping $5,000/month in ‘fatty fat’ excess spending in our budget! We took this and applied it to debt and were able to pay off $80,000 of debt in 18 months. Beyond that, I was burnt out in my business and because of Dani Johnson, I got re-energized in my business and am now well on my way to earning a 7 figure income!”
~ Rick Hinnant

“I originally came to First Steps to Success because I was searching for something. My husband and I experienced rejuvenation in our marriage and got one plan together. We found $800/month in excess spending in our budget and in 2 months we paid off $5,500 in debt! We’re now on track to getting out of debt!”
~ Maria Cristina Tollens

“I can’t tell you enough how much my life has changed since having been exposed to you. I attended First Steps To Success in LA and within a few weeks I cleared $15,000 of debt that I carried around like a gorilla on my back! I never realized that the freedom of having it cleared would enable me to REALLY experience life.”
~ Francis Chau

“In the last 4 months I’ve paid off over $10,000 in debt using Dani’s strategies.”
~ Pam Root

“After I learned the skills that Dani Johnson taught me about getting rid of debt at First Steps to Success, I eliminated $26,000 of debt in the first week following! Four months later, I’ve gotten rid of a total of $33,000 of debt! Even though I haven’t increased my income, it feels like I have because I found that I have money that I’ve been using in places that didn’t matter and now I’m saving more money, using it properly instead of blowing it on useless garbage!”
~ Matt Gonzales

“I’m now completely debt free and never before have I had a savings account, and I now have over $6,000 in the bank. Thank you for giving me balance in my life…”
~ Elene Campbell

“Since First Steps To Success, we have paid off 6 credit cards, put $5,000 into savings, started our 2 kids college funds and are inspired to keep going…”
~ Jeff & Holly LaChappell

“I’m so encouraged every day when I listen to Dani. I had attended Dani’s First Steps To Success. I came back with what I learned and used it towards my debt management. I have paid off $1,750.00 in financial aid debt.”
~ Sy Xiong

“Because of conviction about getting out of debt we… have paid $75,000 in the last 8 months! Thank you for that challenge!”
~Leta Russell

“I’ve now paid off my credit cards… $14,207.21 thanks for helping me get there…”
~ Todd Palm

“Since seeing you in Texas last month, my husband and I have paid off $1,800 in debt without increasing our income!! Thank you soooo much – our lives are getting better and better everyday!”
~ Kerri & Scott Katzka

“Since August 2005 I have attended 4 First Steps To Success, 1 Creating A Dynasty and 1 Prospecting And Closing Your Way To Millions. My organization has grown to over 60 consultants, 48 personal clients with over 200 clients in the organization. In the last month I have paid off $1,500.00 in medical bills and paid $500.00 towards credit card debt. I was able to pay for my March First Steps Seminar in cash!”

~ David W. Binford

“We found $800/month in excess spending and paid off $22,000 in debt in 6 months!”
~ Jamie and Shawn Scheppele

“In the 4 months since January we have paid off almost $10,000 of debt!”
~ Deborah L. Faulds

“Prior to coming to First Steps to Success I had my priorities messed up. I had my work in front of my family and God. After coming to First Steps, I realized what was hindering me from what I was wanting to achieve. Things started falling into place after I re-arranged my priorities. In one month, we were able to trim $1,300 in our monthly excess spending and we paid off $13,000 in debt.”
~ Emma Tiebens


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