Crazy Love…

Some call me crazy, I suppose there is some truth to that, but when I sat in a small group, next to a friend from church last month at women’s bible study,  and listened closely to her prayer request, I was compelled to ask the Lord what He would have me to do. Crazy or not. Her request went something like this:

“My husband and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage and have booked a week long get-a-way at a secluded retreat. We have found homes for 4 of the 7 kids, but really need somewhere for the 2 year old twins to stay, with their older 13 year old sister. Could you ladies please pray for this need?”

My first thought was, man, I wish I could help her, but we don’t even have enough beds in our home for all of my 8 kids…..Surely someone will step in.  I know how busy my sweet husband is with work now, and all my teens have jobs and school that keep them so busy…

I really thought that I just dodged that one.

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Then we actually prayed, and the Holy spirit got a hold of me very quickly. When we were done praying, I looked up at her and said, “I think I might be able to keep the girls for you, let me double check with my husband, but I’m fairly certain that it will be just fine.”

I remember when Joey and I were given a four day get-a-way by our pastor three years ago, who also took care of all six of our kids while we were gone. Being on the receiving end of that love offering humbled me. God moved in my heart then, that I needed to give to others more and more each day, because He has given me everything. Every breath, every step, every good and perfect gift, He is the owner and chief giver of it all.  I will never forget that offering from my pastor, it taught me that you never really should be too busy to answer God’s call to serve. If He is pricking your heart about something, chances are He has more to give to YOU than you think you may be giving to another.

So last night our adventure began. The twins came over and joined our tribe with big sister helping out. The day was joyful, loaded with sippy cups, car seats, diaper changes, baby dolls, wasp stings, water fights on trampolines, Disney movies, and bubbles everywhere.

Thankfully, my friend left me her 12 passenger van! Since my 10 year old has a birthday on Sunday, tomorrow I am taking the whole crew, a double stroller AND a single stroller, one large wagon, and a super sized picnic basket, along with a few more kids and another family to the Houston zoo.  My zoo heads to THE zoo for some more memory making fun.

I’m not quite sure how this adventure will go, but I know that it will be memorable and hilarious.

Tonight we decided to sleep at their house where they would be more comfortable and I brought my four youngest girls with us. Thinking they would enjoy the adventure of sleeping in a new place, I was surprised when they all decided against the open beds, and each chose to sleep with me in one king size guest bed. As I’m lying in bed trying to get the baby to fall asleep, I’m also trying really hard not to fall asleep myself knowing I have an article deadline to meet. I’m praying and asking God, “Lord, what would you have me to write about?  What can I say that would be relevant?”
The girls are each fighting over who will sleep next to mommy, I chuckle inside because I really only have TWO sides, my left and my right. They are literally laying across my feet, along my back, above my head, and near front. They have surrounded me, just to be close to me. Each one wants to be able to touch mom.

The Holy Spirit whispers to me, “you have searched me and know me, you know when I sit and when I rise, you search out my path and are intimately acquainted with all my ways….you have enclosed me, behind and before, and laid your hand upon me, such knowledge is too wonderful for me, it is too high, I cannot attain it”  Psalm 139:1-5

The love of the Lord has hemmed me in tonight. My girls became a physical representation of the Lord’s loving hand on my heart. They rubbed my temples, scratched my back, and prayed with me tonight, just wanting to be near.

It is a Crazy Love.



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