Coffee Table Conversations

Have you ever wished while reading a book that you could just speak directly to the author, asking what they meant by this or that, or putting a real-life scenario in front of them to get their advice?

We know that sometimes, reading uber-helpful information by yourself isn’t enough. You need to be able to talk to someone about it, hear a genuine discussion of how to apply ideas you’re learning about, or ask specific questions to someone who knows. That’s why  Coffee Table Conversations were created.


For 12 weeks starting in January 2014, you will find …


a weekly one-hour live conference call, where you can join in and ask your questions on relevant and timely healthy living topics to a panel of eBook authors. We’ll look at issues like allergy-friendly cooking, fighting fatigue (and finding energy!), eating well on a tight budget, an introduction to alternative health and herbal remedies, and tips and tricks for making real food in less time. You’ll be able to listen to authors converse with each other on any (or all) of the 12 calls that you choose to take part in, and get answers to your questions in real time!

So if you are one of the wise ones that purchased The Healthy Living Bundle, today is a big day for you!!  The Coffee Table Conversations has just been launched!!

Register here to visit with your favorite authors from the bundle and ask them your specific questions on a phone call!

If you were not one of the fortunate ones that purchased this great deal, do not be dismayed. You will have the opportunity to purchase these recorded conversations soon!

So go register if you qualify and hang tight if you’ll be waiting on pins and needles to purchase this!

I look forward to visiting with some of you on the 28th of this month!


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLM ~ Terri





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