Cod Liver Oil & Laundry

We have been real intentional with our health for the last 6 or so years. I’ve spent countless hours researching and reading on all different kinds of diets and what not.

I went through a pretty strict WAPF(Weston A Price Foundation/Nourishing Traditions) phase which I have since adjusted. We have been serious about supplementing.

Enter, the cod liver oil.

This is one of our kids main supplements. It helps to build strong bones and teeth (it even healed my sons cavity, hoping it will do the same for my daughter), and it boosts the immune system to stay healthy through the winter.

It’s amazing.

We love it. We love it so much.

I spare no cost, I buy the REALLY expensive stuff -the fermented kind-because I know it works.

It’s a prized possession around here.

Well, a couple of months ago, something happened…


My daughter decided to “help” get the glass bottle of cod liver oil out of the fridge.

My dear, sweet, independent 5 year old.

There really is no one like her. Her heart is always in the right place, she’s so helpful.

I was contemplating this as I heard and watched in horror as the whole bottle crashed to tile floor, spilling-no spraying- nasty, thick fish smelling oil all over the place.

The mess was so big. SO BIG.

I did not respond kindly. We have since made up. It was one of those bad parenting moments that you hope your child will forget. You know those?

I do. I’m being real. Voices were raised, words were said. All has been forgiven now.

Back to the oily mess, ALL OVER THE PLACE. I ran to get towels to clean it up.

Why towels? you ask. Is that what you should use on oily, fishy smelling stuff? you say.

Wouldn’t using throw away paper towels be a better option?

Why yes, dear reader. That would’ve been a better option. I was being such a frugal beast at that point that I did not have one disposable paper towel in the house.

Not one.

I’ve since adjusted my strategy to keep “emergency” paper towels hidden for times such as this.

Towels, lots of towels. I used dish towels. I used my nice brown bath towels that I love. I used them all.

I think it took around 15 towels to get it cleaned up. It never crossed my mind that this wouldn’t just wash out. I didn’t even consider it.

So all the 15 soiled towels went into my fairly new, industrial sized washer.

Oh and since I was doing laundry and there was still room, of course I threw some more clothes in.

Cause I’m not going to waste a load, oh no if I’m running a load it’s gonna be FULL! Baby clothes, favorite baby blankets all went in together with the soiled mess.

What was I thinking? I really don’t know.

It also didn’t cross my mind that putting them in my washer would make my washer smell like… you guessed it, cod liver oil.

The stench of fish permeated every inch of my house, I should be more specific-the stench of oil taken from a cod fishs’ liver permeated my house. It was gross I tell you. Gross enough to make a seasoned fisherman gag! Something I hope you never have to experience.

I didn’t even think about it until the cycle was over and not only did the towels still reek, but now the washer had to be cleaned to. What had I done?!

It took scrubbing and 3 cycles to get the stench out of the washer. For a moment I really thought I had ruined it for good.

I spent far too long trying to salvage the towels. I soaked them in concoctions, I sprinkled baking soda, I laid them in the sun, my husband and I washed them over and over and over again. Used super strength stench away. I tried so many things. So many.

3 weeks. That’s how long I spent before finally throwing in the towel(pun intended).

I gave up and had to say goodbye to these towels and clothes and favorite baby blankets.

I am now about to order cod liver oil again for the first time since the incident. I think I’ve slightly recovered. And luckily my mother in law had already purchased new towels as a Christmas present.

God provides doesn’t he?

Learn from me friend, hide the oil from helping hands AND always keep emergency paper towels on hand. ALWAYS!(but hide them from the family)




Fam Shot2Heidi Mills is a homeschooling mom of 6 kids who is passionate about healthy living and making it accessible and easy for everyone. She started Simple Recipe Box to be a place for people to find SIMPLE ways to improve their health and recipes that they can actually make without much effort. It is growing into a great community of people who are working together to rid their lives of GMO’s, eat better, and encouraging each other to take baby steps towards better health for themselves and their families.

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