When you think of a great coach, what comes to your mind?  Does the team love them or hate them?  Is there success measured in wins or in stats?  Do you think of someone who cares deeply about people?  What about someone with high personal standards and ambitions?

With all the play-off games and bowl games that are happening this time of year, analyzing great coaching styles a fun family past-time in our home.

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Great Coaches:

Love – though they are tough on their players, the players LOVE them and have a high level of RESPECT for them.  These great coaches care deeply about people and it is displayed in their coaching styles.

Inspire – They know how to inspire others to dig deep into their core and become more than they could have dreamed possible.  They inspire hard work, diligence, perseverance, and a tenacious attitude to never quit.

Equip – Not only do great coaches INSPIRE, but they provide necessary resources and opportunities to EQUIP their players.  They know what it takes to SET their team up for SUCCESS, and a great coach will move heaven and earth to have the right resources available.

Unite – A house divided cannot stand, and a great coach knows this to be true.  They are superb communicators, and their sincere love for others motivates them to remove discord, anger, jealousy, and a proud look from their team.  Great coaches encourage great communication so teams can be united in spirit and purpose.

Model – Hard work doesn’t end at the coaches desk, it begins there.  A great coach will always be striving to improve methodologies, techniques, and strategies.  They are innovative learners who study continuously and apply new knowledge to their coaching styles.  They have incredibly high personal standards and ambitions. They work to better themselves and in turn model this lifestyle for others.

According to Coaching expert, Bill Cole, MS, MA Founder and CEO
William B. Cole Consultants, “Great coaches view coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline. They are humble, open, nurturing and grateful to the world. Expert coaches work on themselves unceasingly. They are open to new ideas and philosophies. They study coaching seriously and take coaching seriously. They care about the person across from them.”

Moms, you have the unparalleled opportunity to coach your children to success.  You have the ability to work on improving yourself, and in turn modeling that lifestyle to your kids.  Only you can love them with the depths of a mother’s love, only you can see what others can’t yet see.  You know their strengths and weaknesses and able to coach them to work hard in the former and shore up the latter.  Moms, you have the ability to lead by example in unifying your home.  Humble yourself and ask forgiveness for those offenses that simmer under the surface.  Take the lead by verbally encouraging publicly and correcting privately.  Keep a clean slate daily, encourage communication, and LOVE your team with reckless abandon.

Most importantly…



Coach MOM?  Hmmmmm…..


Check out one of The Laundry Moms favorite resources here to learn how to be a great coach for your kids!


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