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Family, Home, Kids, Baby, Moms, Diaper, Clean, Cloth Diapers, laundry tips, Laundry with Big FamiliesWelcome and thanks for joining us! Check back to Part I & Part II of the Cloth Diaper Chronicles, where you’ll find a little more about the beginning of our journey, and how we’ve kept it going- with minimal stress, clean diapers and a happy baby!

Laundry Mom Kali’s♥- Top 5 Cloth Diapering Tips:

1) Find a friend. Whether in real life or online, finding a support network is huge when undertaking any lifestyle change.  Sharing tips, stories, struggles and successes makes the cloth diapering experience much more fun.

2) Start simply.  Many local stores will offer a trial program, allowing you to sample a variety of different diaper styles and options.  This can make a huge difference in the initial investment Cloth-diapering is not a one-size-fits-all formula!  The range of convenience and cost is huge,  and you’ll be the best one to decide how you want your cloth diapering experience to look & feel.

3) Go For It! Once you’ve gathered your information and have been able to try a few diapers for yourself, it’s time to take the plunge and make a purchase!

Flats or fitted? Pockets or pre-fold?  There are many possibilities out there awaiting you!  Here’s the very simplified scoop on the range of options, starting with the least expensive:

  • Flat diapers: these are your basic, large piece of flannelette that are folded to fit.  They are very easy to wash- but take a little longer to fold and apply.
  • Pre-folds:  these are like a flat, with a pre-folded absorbent liner in the middle.
  • Pocket diapers: these are a waterproof wrap with a pouch or pocket designed to hold absorbent layers.  They look most like a disposable in their simplicity to apply to baby, but require a full change of liner and wrap with each diaper change.
  • Fitted diapers: these offer some adjust-ability in size, usually offering multiple snap or Velcro options.

(My preference has been fitted diapers with a good quality, non-leaking waterproof cover.)

4)    Wash often. For me, washing 12-16 diapers every 3rd day is the easiest way to keep everything fresh and keep the system moving.  That means we need 18-24 diapers in circulation, with about 6-8 good quality waterproof covers.   Diapers do best washed separately, while covers can be tossed in with any load. And consider investing in a soap & hot-water free system!  This has streamlined my life and has totally improved the quality of cleanliness of each load.  It’s as simple as pressing the “start” button, and works unbelievably well!

5)    Keep It Fun!  As moms, so many of our daily tasks can become tiresome and for me, keeping things fresh, interesting, beautiful and inspiring is so important for me to remain grounded and content.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

be creative and add flair to your laundry space!

only buy products that you love  & make you smile!

sew or buy a new bag to carry your supplies, or check etsy for others’ creative endeavors!

experiment with homemade washes and wipes, including new essential oils and scents.


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