Clogs NO MORE!

Today I’m going to let you in a little secret. I want to share with you My ALL time favorite Household PRODUCT!
I must confess, I’m the ‘messie’ in the family who is always trying to figure out how the ‘cleanies’ of the world operate. I will check out books from the library on ‘how to clean a home’, or pour over websites for inspiration and tips.

Most of the “how to clean” articles out there give similar steps to cleaning:

• Gather your supplies
• Keep them in a caddy that you take with you
• Clean around the room so you don’t backtrack
• Clean top to bottom
• Complete daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores

I understand all that! But this product I’m about to tell you about is NOT FOUND in any of those books I’ve checked out at the library, or on any website recommendation list…

Ladies, you are going to LOVE THIS!

You are going to THANK ME!

ESPECIALLY those of you with long-haired DAUGHTERS!!!

How I discovered “IT”…

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A few weeks ago my brother came over to see us. Actually, I had a list of “honey-dos” that I knew he could fix, so coupled with his need to feel ‘needed’, and my need for some home repair work, we met up on a Saturday; me with my list, him with his toolbox.
The list looked something like this:

1. Replace a breaker so the fridge didn’t run off an extension cord anymore.
2. Replace a doorknob
3. Change out a broken light bulb in the laundry room that broke off in the socket
4. Zip tie the trampoline net
5. Unclog the sinks and bath tub.

So like the helpful handyman he is, my brother started at the top. He assessed the list and each need, then made HIS list and headed off to the local hardware store. When he returned he informed us that the electric panel would be off for a while so he could work on the circuits, and he pulled out something from a paper bag and handed it to me so I could start to work on item #5!

My life will NEVER be the same again.

Are you ready?

It’s called a ZIP IT!!! And do you know what it does?

Cleans out sink drains in ONE FELL SWOOP!!

Who even knew this was possible?

Now, my family may not be like your family…to ME this was BIG!!!

There are SEVEN long haired girls in our home and TWO bathrooms. The sinks and the bathtubs are ALWAYS clogged with something.

Usually HAIR!

I’ve poured down our drains those highly toxic chemicals like Drain-O and Liquid Plumber, and even spent (more time than I will confess here) poking a wire hanger down the drain to try and pick out the yucky clogs down in the abyss.
I’ve even stuck my pinky finger down there thinking that would work. I’m probably really showing my stupidity and many of you may be thinking,

“DUH, Erin! Everyone knows about the ZIP IT!!”

Well not me! And now that I have had my first thrill of EFFORTLESSLY Clearing out a DRAIN full of GUNK and HAIR and Lord knows what, I AM FOREVER HOOKED! It is by far my most favorite household trick EVER!!!
The ZIP-IT is like an upside-down tree with the plastic spokes sticking out. When you shove it down the drain, it pulls up EVERYTHING in its path.
It truly is exhilarating to see what comes up!!!

So ladies, RUN…DON’T WALK! Home Depot has them, or you can get it on Amazon!!!

What are some of YOUR favorites?

Have a Happy Clog Free DAY!!

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