Cleaning Can Be Fun!

Ok…It’s confession time…I am NOT good at cleaning house or cooking for that matter, but my husband says I have talents in other areas! (wink) 😉 So… with the cat out of the bag I am here to share with you that I do make an effort to keep the house tidy, but I’m going to be learning right along with everyone this month as we focus on Spring Cleaning from the experts!

Stay tuned for a month full of exciting guest writers who will be sharing their strategies on cleaning house, de-cluttering, organizing & even making non-toxic cleaners! We are so excited to pull on our rubber gloves and dive into this adventure as we tackle our humble abodes till they sparkle!

House Cleaning, DeCluttering, Organizing, Spring Cleaning

Be sure and enter the fabulous give away… where the featured guests this month will be giving away some terrific resources to help us make a fresh start! So keep checking back with us each day to win your chance at a free eBook! Plus… The Laundry Moms have a cleaning chart we want to send to you right now in order to help get your Spring Cleaning off and running!

It’s our special gift to you this month as we get rid of the nitty-gritty so we can get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Since it’s finally spring and the birds are chirping, and the sun seems to be shining light on all the dust and grime from the winter check out … author Jan Dougherty who shares in this video some simple tips to school us on the lost art of housecleaning.




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