Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

By Meggan Larson


I have a bit of a confession to make. I stalled in my weight loss a bit over the last couple of months. I kept jumping between a few pounds and it was confusing because I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be. In the past, this would have frustrated me to no end. I would have felt like a failure and been tempted to give up. In fact, there have been times in this journey where I did give up completely and ate everything in sight for months on end. It wasn’t pretty.

This time around though…

I simply went back to some helpful videos that I had watched when I was starting this new (to me) journey and found some things that I had forgotten about. I made a few tiny changes and poof, 6 & 1/2lbs were gone in two days. The cool thing was that I wasn’t even that excited. I know that may sound strange but when the scale has been in charge of your emotions for years, it’s nice to not let it get a rise out of you for once.

I merely nodded my head, made a mental note to do the same thing if I stalled out again, and went on my way. What I realized is that my mindset had completely changed. Whereas before I was in a rush to get to goal weight to prove to everyone around me that I was thin, now I knew I was on a journey and it was going to take time. I don’t intend to jump off and dive into a vat of donuts anymore. I know that I’ll get there one step at a time, and it’s important to give myself grace. My body has been through a lot ~ chemotherapy, three pregnancies, close to death twice, surgery, etc. What it needs is grace, not shame. This body has been with me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively!) and it’s the only one I’ll ever have. It’s time to start treating our bodies a whole lot better and that starts with changing our mindset.

I’m a Christian and the bible tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). I know that my body WILL be transformed but I need to renew my mind, renew my resolve, and trust the process. Change your mindset, change your life friend.

~ Meggan 🙂

p.s. As always I’d love to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments please comment below or email me at Meggan@thelaundrymoms.com


Meggan Larson is a wife, mom of three, and challenge overcomer! Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy when her second born child was only three months old, gave Meggan an expected twist to her life. Dealing with pregnancy weight gain and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, Meggan’s weight soared to over 228 pounds. Feeling humiliated with no desire to socialize, Meggan was desperate for a change. Shortly after losing 20 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama program, Meggan found out she was pregnant with baby number three, which ended in an emergency C-section and unexpected hysterectomy. Despite the challenges she faced, Meggan has just celebrated her one year “trimiversary”, and her success of releasing just over 60 pounds! Meggan is confident that her success on plan is “doable” for anyone looking to gain back their health and wanting to live a trim and healthy lifestyle!

Check out Meggan Larson over at Desire to Inspire!

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