Good Changes Ahead

Good Changes Ahead

by Diana Scothorn


I have learned this fundamental truth. Everything is subject to change. No matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what we may or may not have done, things are subject to change.

Being lonely is subject to change! Sickness is subject to change! Being overweight is subject to change! Debt is subject to change! Divorce is subject to change! Being single is subject to change! Our lifestyle is subject to change!

Change forms your future course. It means things will be…


…different than what they would be if things were left in their current state. It TRANSFORMS your current situation into something new.

If I were left in my former condition when I experienced all of hell coming against my life through divorce, death, fear, and desperation, I would be living a life of misery today.

Romans 8:17 says, “God Calls things that ARE NOT as though they ALREADY ARE!” He called us whole in advance before we were broken! It means that even though it’s Not That Way Now, It Will Be! What God called from the beginning of time to Be, Will Be!

There is nothing in this world that is permanent. Such great news! God is an eternal God, and His Word is forever! What we “see” is not what it is! God sees the beginning from the end in the exact moment. What we think is over is never over unless God says it’s over. Matthew 19:26 says, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” We should never stop believing!

I can remember being a single parent, unable to pay bills, broken, lonely, fearful, and hopeless. I knew this was not God’s best yet remained unchanged! When I got to the point, I was tired of feeling miserable and living pitifully; I made a quality decision to call the life forth that God called for me to have!

I began to CALL the things in my life that WERE NOT, as though they ALREADY WERE! I began to call myself debt-free, victorious, prosperous, and happily married! When I got in agreement with God, it did not take Him long to do in a moment what would take a man a lifetime.

God can do what we cannot. God can do what medicine cannot! God can open doors that no man can shut! God can afford what we are unable to afford! The only thing God can not afford is for us to get in agreement with the devil and say, “There is no way out.”!

There is not one thing in our life that we get ourselves into that God can not turn around! I love what the Message Translation says in Zephaniah 3:9-20. “In the end, I will turn things around for the people.” God prepared a way out before we got in! Our steps are ordered of the Lord, and our destiny has been Divinely planned. All things are subject to change!

Romans 12:2 says, “We are not to conform to this world but be transformed by renewing our mind.” When we get to the point we are willing to exchange our old way of thinking and let God do what only He can do, we will see God TRANSFORM our life into something exciting and new!




Diana Scothorn published author of “Daily Dose with Diana“, has a heart for helping women succeed, with a focus on a strong, spiritual, mental, and physical core. Diana’s background in the health and fitness world began with one of the most iconic names in fitness, Richard Simons. Overseeing ladies’ health clubs for 10-plus years allowed Diana to step into a passion for marketplace ministry even before ministering the gospel in business was widely accepted.

She’s been married to her prince charming, Stewart, going on 12 years, and they enjoy spending time with their 4 kids and 8 grandchildren. Both are ordained ministers of the Gospel, serve on the board of several well-known ministries, and are also co-owners of, The Benefit Link, Inc., a marketplace ministry business, which has been number one in the field for over 25 years and is licensed in all 50 States, serving senior citizens in need of compassion, prayer, and guidance when facing the challenges of the Medicare maze.

Diana has been featured in Society Magazine’s Successful Business Women of the Year for 2018, 2019, and 2020. As an international speaker, Diana has traveled abroad for over 10 years, along with her husband, to help support missions throughout Europe and South America, focusing on funding the Kingdom and advancing the gospel.

Connect with Diana on Instagram and Facebook, where she has “Diana’s Daily Devotionals” encouraging and inspiring women to live daily in victory.


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