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I am surrounded by Champions.

Along with my co-blogging team at The Laundry Moms©, I am surrounded by women who are successful in both marriage and family.  They adore their husbands, and they are raising a generation of world-changers.  The proof of their life success is in the fruit. This time last year I wrote about a few of them Here .

Recently, I heard Dave Ramsey coach a caller on the phone about building a small business.  He told the caller about a little thing called, “Best practices”.  Put simply, people who want to be successful, study what successful people are doing, their best practices, and then copy that.

Sounds pretty straight forward right?

You want to be a better housekeeper?  Study best practices of your friends who do well in this area.

You want to be a better decorator?  Study best practices of those who have this talent.

You want to be a better organizer?  Same thing, find someone who is good at organizing and study their best practices.

So it got me to thinking…


What are some “Best Practices” for moms?  What about the Champion mommas in your lives?  What do you see them doing that is working?

What about for wives?  You know, the women who honor and respect their husbands and have no problem trusting in his leadership of the family, or the women who are intentional about sneaking away with their husbands regularly, even though he may lose a few days of vacation.

Best practices of Home-schooling moms?  The ones who may not seem very organized, but when you sit down and chat with their teenager, you know immediately these kids are set apart for something great.

Know any Trim Healthy Mamas?  I sure do, and they look fabulous!  I guarantee you they have some incredible “best practices”.    Just check out their Pinterest Pages for a few of them.

Do you have some best practices that are working for you? 

A quick Google search on “Best practices for successful moms” is surprisingly sparse.

Go figure?

In our home, we’re no experts, but our kids have learned a few things growing up under our roof.  For us, they have become “best practices”, yours may look a little different, I would love for you to share them.

Above all, when raising a family, make sure your kids know, that no matter what.

You will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never…


You will NEVER give up on your marriage

You will NEVER give up on your family.

You, Mom, will NEVER give up!

No matter how hard things get, they need you to get down on your knee, look them square in the eye, and tell them, you are never leaving.

Not ever.

They need to see resolve, commitment, and determination in your eyes.

In a world where they are surrounded by broken homes…

This is one best practice.

Dennis Rainey has said, “Every social ill in our culture can be fixed with a stable family home life.”

I agree

More best practices:

Praying with your kids – We share openly with our kids when we are struggling.  If a business deal did not go well, their daddy is open about it and will ask them to pray as a family.  It helps to keep the doors of transparency open. Kids need to learn how you handle failure and success. When money is tight in our home, we make it a point to thank the Lord in front of the kids for a simple bowl of rice and beans.  “One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet.” Prov. 27:7

Keeping an Open Door Policy

Teaching Conflict Resolution

Having their Heart

You can read about each of these at The Parenting Secret

Teach the family how to work as a team – By teaching every family member their own responsibilities around the house and with the family, it builds confidence and security into them. It also teaches them that we are raising them to be “producers” and not “consumers” in this world.   One of our daily mantras is,

“You do your ‘have-tos’ before your ‘want-tos’!”

“Work Hard – Play Hard”.  Not the other way around.

Some Final Best Practices for Mom:

Along with an early morning Quiet time, find time alone on the weekends for a weekly review.  This will help you to look back on the week, as well as to plan ahead for the next seven days.  There is something highly effective about writing down your schedule seven days at a time, figuring out ahead of time which days you will be running errands, knowing where you need to be and mentally planning ahead.

The Pomodoro Technique  – A great ‘Best Practice’  for Time Blocking everything from chores to homework to writing a blog post!

Nature Sounds App  – I discovered this great app which plays different sounds of nature.  When I am in need of a mental break, or just sitting at the computer, these sounds calm and comfort my soul.  It helps me realize that God has everything under control and I can rest in Him.

Learning Personality Styles of your kids – There are so many different, helpful resources out there that will enlighten the reason why your kids do what they do.  Different personality types need to be parented differently and understanding this makes all the difference in the world.

When I asked some of my friends what their “Best Practices” are, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the responses.

“When I’m angry with the kids and having trouble controlling my tongue, I sing my instructions to them!” ~Christi

“Exercise when I am frustrated. Take at least one yearly trip with girlfriends. No questions after 9:00 pm. When they were younger there was a ban on whining and if I had addressed their questions and they asked it again (even if it was from a new approach) without new and important information they received consequences. Mostly they would ask again because they wanted a different answer. Negotiating with a young child rarely ends well and wears on a parent. Two-three times a week I went behind closed doors to study, think, work on projects for one-two hours depending in age of children. Frequent dates with hubby, even if it is just a drive. We do some sort of marriage seminar or retreat every three or four years, and we also go away for a weekend or more by ourselves once a year. ~Lori

Being prepared ahead of time makes a world of difference!  If I take the time to be organized and well planned/prepared, I can be more fun and spontaneous. If I’m not running behind with a million undone things from the ‘To Do’ List my brain is free to be FUN mommy, more ready to laugh at the unexpected, and roll with the punches I can’t control. Don’t over commit. Be real with what I can do and honest with what I can’t. I need to plan time with my hubby and with my God – those two relationships are easiest to neglect because they don’t whine and cry at me! But they are the two relationships that allow me to be a good mommy and a good friend when they are well maintained. But that’s another area I have to plan for. If I don’t make time, it won’t happen. Running is another Best Practice.  I need that time of physical excursion. When my body is in motion my mind slows down and I am more open to hear from God.” ~Rachelle

“Read!!! It helps me briefly escape my life and my problems! I listen on to stories and books and read a few pages every night. It is important to put my life in perspective” ~Johnnie


What are some of YOUR Best Practices??? We would LOVE to hear from you.  Visit us on our Facebook Page Today.

~Be Free

laundry mom ErinLaundry Mom~Erin♥


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2 comments on “Champion Mom

  1. Julie Vliet says:

    No weekday playdates. It stops the whining and begging in front of their friends. Carpooling wherever possible to share the load. Know which nights are crockpot nights and which ones are meat and potato nights. Keep a family planner calendar open on the counter for everyone to see and update.

  2. Angie Zgarba says:

    I enjoyed this blog, Erin. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of this with others, but surely you won’t because you obviously have a desire for moms to be encouraged and strengthened.
    I can offer one or two of my best practices; however, with this I have to add a caveat. Consistency in my best practices has been my shortcoming. When I am consistent, my best practices include morning time with the Lord that helps me keep everything in life in perspective, exercising which keeps my body feeling good and leads to a relaxed mind, and nightly stories told to my children which brings joy and togetherness.

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