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Do you ever have those unexpected days where you encounter SO much good and blessing that you can’t quite believe it’s true? I am so grateful that we shared a couple of these experiences together as a family today.

First off,  we watched a young man get up in front of our church community, to not only publicly share of his deep love for his wife- but to deliver an incredible tribute like nothing I had ever seen before!

Amid tears and genuine gratitude, this man shared that he would not have been with us, had his wife not prayed for him and loved him through his seasons of personal difficulties.  He wrote her a poem, and read it aloud.  He committed himself as protector, provider and head of their home, requesting that any words, if they were to include correction or direction towards his wife, would go through him first.  He also encouraged the unmarried women among us- reminding them to look towards the only One who would fully meet their needs and desires…and to let the real men find them!

Following this…

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we had my husband’s grandparents over to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. We had a simple gathering: a beautiful cake, flowers and a balloon- but I wanted my children to know how much we honored, loved them and wanted to bless them.

I was struck by these two events coming together on one day, and the potentially deep, deep significance and eternal value that these experiences could have on my children’s lives, for eternity!

We talk a lot about protecting our kids from the “negative” influences around us, and we also talk a lot about letting them experience the “real world” so that they can learn how to navigate it.  And sometimes, I confess I get a little tired sometimes, and I slide into a diluted way of thinking…that a little of this or that won’t really have any affect at all.

But when I saw the potential impact of two relatively short experiences, I am so inspired yet again to search for the treasure, each and every day around me.  And to lead my children to that which is good.  To search for that which is truly excellent.  To meet people who are inspiring, full of ideas, committed to action, full of passion and a desire to draw out the greatness in those around them. Those are the relationships and moments I want to be part of, and want to pour into my children!

Again, I am struck by the power of community!  We absolutely need one another.  We can guide, and direct, and shape one another’s every day lives so beautifully simply by living wholeheartedly and transparently.  We “catch” the heart of someone’s story, and we are changed.  Spurred to love and good deeds. Inspired to a new measure of commitment, diligence and faithfulness.

Let’s hear the stories!  Who inspires you to action?  Who are the world-changers around you? Is it the wives that pray for their husbands silently, or the mamas that stay home with their littles day in and day out?  The artists that produce beauty, the musicians who create rhythm and emotion and meaning through music, the authors who weave characters and plots?  We can find the treasure all around us if we just look- with eyes wide open…

Stop for the ONE right in front of you today, love them unconditionally, pray for them and speak the treasure you see in them!  Let’s be a passionate community of world changers!

How do you mine for the treasure around you?  What are the family books, biographies or movies that inspire you and your family?  How do you intentionally expose your children to greatness?

And how do you teach them to draw out the greatness in others?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.  Philippians 4:8

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