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Jeans and a cute top…plus my favorite belt… That’s what I was wearing when it happened. And to make matters worse, it had been a good day…one of those days that I felt pretty…Not bloated from a period, or waddling from a pregnancy, just my regular size…It was a good day. My kids and I stopped by the mall to purchase a birthday present for a friend. Since we don’t go to the mall often we had to, of course, stop by Chick-fil-A® to commemorate our day out… Then the restroom.

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   As usual, I juggled all the little ones like a pro trying to get them in and out without touching anything. I wrapped toilet seats for the girls and held the boys at a safe distance pointing them in the right direction, trying desperately to take care of our needs without contracting a deadly disease from the mall bathroom…every mother’s worst nightmare. Then hurriedly I did my business.

Enjoying the rare luxury of a little extra time, we meandered our way through the mall to take in a little window shopping and day dreaming. Eventually our small crowd of a family arrived safely at the car to set out to accomplish our next goal…

a hopefully uneventful stop at the chiropractor’s office.

Upon arrival I noted the crowded parking lot. “This might take a while, kids. We can play word games while we wait.” Filing into the waiting room, we found our seats and began to settle in. From across the room a familiar face began to smile then wave. “Stay seated kids. I’ll be right back.” Bouncing across the waiting room I visited with my friend a few minutes.

On my way back an attractive lady motioned for me. Hmm…Do I know her, too? I thought. Upon greeting her, she reached behind me and pulled a trail of toilet paper off my pants and handed it to me with a smile.

I had been traipsing along with a cottony tail, flapping it all over the mall AND the waiting room of the chiropractor’s office. REALLY? Do my children ever notice the back of me? Why don’t I ever look behind myself?

The next week when my fifteen-year-old daughter was leaving the house for church, I had a secret desire not to tell her that her pretty black skirt was tucked in her pink panties…but I did the right thing.

Why do these things happen to us?

Challenge: Have you ever talked with a friend while she had broccoli stuck in her teeth, or food smudged on her face? Be a gem and tell her. You will both laugh and your friend will feel like you really care about her.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”    –Luke 6:31

Laundry Mom~Terri

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