Breathe Easy this Winter

Breathe Easy this Winter

by Ashley Knight


An unexpected part of my natural health journey was the realization that my grandma used holistic remedies on us as kids. As a child, I had many sinus infections and always seemed to be congested. My grandma took care of me when I was sick, after school or during the summers since both my parents worked. Whenever I would have really bad congestion, she would “steam me”, at least that’s what she called it. She would add eucalyptus oil to a saucepan of water on an electric burner, then shut me in a room with it and let the steam fill the room. She was creating her own version of a diffuser, but she probably didn’t know what a diffuser was and they certainly weren’t mainstream then.

Those moments are great memories now. We would sit together in the steam and play card games. It’s funny to me now how many other things she did or recommended that would now be considered holistic remedies. She passed a number of years ago but I sure wish I could sit down with her and talk to her about her remedies and learn from her wisdom now.

I’ve reflected on those days of her “steaming me” as…


Breathe Easy this Winter


I’ve sat in my own daughter’s room rocking her with a diffuser filled with R.C. ™ essential oil next to us while she tries to breathe through nasal congestion. Basically, it’s my version of steaming my kids. The smell of eucalyptus takes me back to the days with my grandma. But the best part of all is that it actually works! R.C ™ essential oil is a potent blend of Spruce, Cypress, three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora), Myrtle, Marjoram, Pine, Lavender, Black Spruce and Peppermint oils. It may help with clearing sinuses, easing coughing and supporting the respiratory system.

R.C. ™ is part of our protocol when someone in our family is experiencing sinus issues, coughing, etc. We start diffusing it and creating a chest rub with a few drops of R.C.™ and coconut oil. By using a carrier oil, it helps the R.C.™ and it’s aroma to stay on your skin longer so you can continually inhale it.

Here in Houston, it’s finally starting to feel like winter i.e. the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees, and it seems the cold and flu season is upon us. R.C.™ essential oil is a must have for our winter preparations. Not only may it help help to fight colds and flu, it also may help with allergies, bronchitis, cold sores, pneumonia, sinusitis, sore throat and mucus.

Rather than sharing even more stories about my family’s experiences with R.C., I want to share a couple amazing testimonials from other folks who love R.C.™ :

“Don’t want to be without RC for colds and respiratory issues but recently woke to very raw sore inner throat (like strep throat) and wondered what I had encountered for it to have such a foothold with no warning signs. It was so sore I even doubted RC was going to be able to knock this out! However, I generously applied RC to neck under jaw in gland areas and took Thieves on finger tip and swabbed inside of throat in same area to numb the sore raw feeling. (Thieves seems to have a lidocaine type numbing ability for dental problems so I decided to try it) In minutes the pain receded and within hours no more sore throat period! Why would I have doubted trusty RC! (or Thieves!)”
-Peggy R.

“My wife had been sick with a deep cough that kept her up all night and miserable all day. She was sick for the whole week we were on vacation. I had e-mailed a friend from work who had been a “oiler” for a couple years but had never pushed it on us. She said when you get home come in to work and pick up my diffuser and my RC. Rub a couple drops on her chest and diffuse for a while at bedtime.

Night one: We did as she had told us to. (some cough but not too bad) Night two: Diffused, had more cough than night one. Day three my wife called me and said, I forgot to rub on the RC before I went to bed last night. So I said ok tonight we will try it again to see how it goes. Night three: We put it on like we were told and diffused. She fell asleep pretty fast with only a few coughs, woke up around 2:00 a.m. coughing so I got up and rubbed a drop or two on her neck/chest and dripped about ten drops in the diffuser and before I walked back around and got into bed she was done coughing. I was sold.

I wanted to have these products for myself, now I have my new diffuser and a bottle of RC. (and a few others) I didn’t realize there were so many things available that were natural and healthier than what we used before. Thank God for friends who care enough to share.”
-Brent G.

As you prepare for the holidays, consider adding a bottle of R.C.™ essential oil to your shopping list. Not only will it support your family’s’ wellness, it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. Happy Breathing!



Ashley KnightAshley Knight is married to her best friend and husband, Nick, and mama to two sweet, joyful girls, Grace and Finnegan. She is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, travel, Young Living essential oils and products, eating whole foods, serving others and learning about God’s magnificent, undeserved Grace.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley’s lived in Texas for 5 years now and has officially picked up Y’all and Sir/Ma’am but will always be a native Arizonan. When not chasing or nursing a little one, Ashley is reading and learning how to support her family’s health and wellness with Young Living’s diverse products and pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am a Mom who is passionate about using natural products to improve the health of her family, but I’m not a medical professional. The information in the blog is for educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.

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