~ Breakfast Surprise ~

Life happens…by the dozen around here.  It does not matter who has clean clothes or which child is sick, our kids just keep moving forward in an onward march fashion—it’s a side effect of living in a large family, I guess. Whether this is good or not is yet to be seen, but these little soldiers proved to me that they have stomachs of iron this week as they heroically finished their breakfasts after a scene that would have cured most people of hunger for a day!

It was early. Our kitchen bar held a row of sleepy children clinking spoons against bowls filled with cereal. Robotically eating one bite at a time. My sleepy heads were not the most energetic group of children–even when an unwelcome eruption of bodily fluid exploded onto the scene.

“Moooom” a sleepy voice called.

laundry, Laundry Stories, laundry tips, Laundry with Big Families, Jeff Usner, Secret Millionaire, The Laundry Moms, Laundry Stories, Organization, To Do ListRounding the corner I witnessed four children carrying their cereal bowls away from the bar and to the kitchen table, while one green tot looked at me with droopy eyes. He was covered in throw up, as was the counter and floor around him.

Poor little one.

Cleaning up my young one and his soiled pajamas was no big deal to this mother of many. Our dirty laundry has taught me to get over it. In fact, I think doing a large family’s dirty laundry in mass would be great training for any soldier.

But back to the story:

The reaction or rather lack of reaction by my other children was the BIG DEAL in this scene. I would have expected screaming, sympathy heaving, crying…any of the above or more, yet, my little people simply…

Moved over…

With no drama.

Whether sheer exhaustion or superb child training kept the room calm during the disturbing explosion–I’m proud of my eight and under crew. No whiny babies around here…at least in this situation. And I’m certainly counting my blessings that the puking scene didn’t turn into a spewing contest involving the whole breakfast bunch. Because wouldn’t you know, the virus appeared the hour I saw the bottom of our laundry basket…A rare fleeting moment in this home.


Laundry Mom~Terri♥





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