First up is the brand new supplement called Illumineyes. It’s a dietary supplement to maintain proper eye health and improve visual performance. Umm, yes please! I don’t know about you but as I get older my eyes aren’t working quite the way they used to. This supplement was definitely at the top of my list to get. Next up we have Peace & Calming which isn’t a new blend but for the first time ever it’s being offered in a convenient roll-on! Y’all, I LOVE a good roll-on and peace and calming is one I reach for daily. This just makes it so much more convenient when you need the help NOW!

They also launched Olive Essentials which is another supplement to improve and support total body wellness. Frankly, who doesn’t need support for the whole body am I right? Two new deodorant scents were added to the family so we can now get CinnaFresh and CitraGuard. Davana is a brand new oil blend that smells so good you’ll want to use it as perfume. Using essential oils as perfume has become one of my favorite things to do since educating myself on the harmful effects of traditional perfume. All the girly smells without the cancer-causing agents.

The thing we were most excited about is the brand new Owl Diffuser! It is sooo cute y’all! It’s technically for the kids but you know I love it possibly more than they do. It even has five different sounds you can circulate through and it changes colors, etc. It is seriously awesome and not terribly expensive either!

I am just so stoked about all of the new things coming out at Young Living but one of the most exciting announcements is that we can now get CBD oil! Get ready to learn the benefits next week but combining CBD oil with Young Living’s seed to seal guarantee is a no brainer. Stay tuned!

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