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Ahhhh…Springtime…just the word conjours up thoughts of flowers blooming and the sunshine peeking through the clouds on a more regular basis! My mind tends to ponder and wander this time of year; fresh starts, a new season, God’s new year and an amazing time of renewal! Everything is clean and new again!

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It is that time of year, and with that wonderful spring sunshine looking through the windows; it reveals we really need some spring cleaning around here!
For years now, I’ve been making up my own cleaners with simple, natural ingredients.

I found that using things such as Baking Soda, Vinegar, Herbs and Essential Oils;  blesses my home and family in many ways!
Essential oils add powerful properties to our homemade creations and are so versatile; whether it’s toilet powder or sugar scrub, window cleaner or lotion bars. Essential oils offer up not only beautiful, truly natural fragrances; but antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. However, did you know essential oils play a role in healing and rebuilding our bodies?

The Scientific clinical research studies of today even confirm and reveal that many oils contain very high levels of stimulating immune system properties and a host of healthy benefits for us. Essential oils are small in molecular structure, therefore have the ability of permeating the skin and entering the bloodstream, and from there, entering our cell structure.

Using them in our homes and making them a part of our everyday lives is a great blessing to us. Breathing them in, using them in our laundry that therefore touches our skin, in our linen sprays, cleaners, aroma therapies, in our homemade lotions and salves . . . is only wise; they get rid of the bad and give us the good. I’ve yet to buy any man-made cleaners from the store shelf that could do that; in fact, they tend to do the exact opposite.
Here are some basic recipes for making up some of your own natural cleaners; simple to make and implement in your home. It is a great lesson to teach our children to make things ourselves and rely on the things that God made naturally for us to use in our everyday lives, for even the simplest of tasks.


  • All Purpose Spray Cleaner:

Using a clean sprayer bottle, fill 1/2 with Vinegar, the rest with water; leaving a good 1-2 inch head space (depending on the size of your bottle).  Add in 30-40 drops of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil or your favorite, such as Lavender, Tea Tree or Lemon). Shake it up and you can clean and disinfect just about any counter top with this.

  • Furniture Oil:

I use a half pint canning jar, fill about 3/4 full with Olive Oil and add 10 drops of Orange essential oil. Secure the lid, shake up and I dab a tiny amount on a flannel cloth and rub into wood. Shines wood up beautifully and smells so clean and fresh!

  • Air Freshener:

I use a clean spray bottle (that will spray as a mist vs a stream) and fill with water, leaving head space of about an inch. I will then take my favorite essential oil, and add about 40 drops (I use a 8 oz. bottle for this mixture). I just spray it wherever I want a heavenly fragrance. I spray my bedding down with this,as I make my bed; it is soooo nice to crawl into sheets that smell so inviting! Frankincense & Myrrh offers so many health benefits; it is great to sleep, breathing in the blessings of this essential oil!  Those cans of ‘air freshener’ at the store are generally HIGHLY toxic, do we really want to fill the air our families are breathing with those; when God provides us with His beautifully fragrant and healthy essential oils?

  • Homemade “Dryer Sheets”:

Make your own homemade dryer sheets with an old piece of terry cloth, infant washcloths or flannel fabric and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it, toss it in the dryer with your load of laundry and infuse your clothes with the wonderful properties of your favorite essential oil.
As always, take care if you are pregnant, nursing or have allergies and talk to your doctor first before using any essential oil or herbal preparation.
I love and use the wonderful essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs and we carry the finest Biblical essential oils from Israel at Homestead Originals. If you’d like to learn more about making your own homemade cleaners and handcrafted goodies—check out my book—A Simply Homemade Clean below. I also invite you to visit us at , where you can also sign up for my monthly eNewsletter and check out my blog to see what’s happening at our homestead!!



You can find Lisa’s book: A Simply Homemade Clean here:

Lisa owns & operates  & with her husband and children. They live in the mountains of the American Redoubt—where she enjoys a simple, home-centered life, built on God’s foundations; studying Scripture, scratch baking and cooking, canning, making candles, gardening organically, raising dairy goats and chickens. She’s the family herbalist and loves a round of competitive target practice! Visit her blog at:



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