Book Review: The Life Giving Home

Book Review: The Life Giving Home

by Debi Chapman

Through raising eleven children while embracing a life in ministry and with a heart to transform our surroundings, however temporary, into a home where we flourish – Sally Clarkson has been a voice of grace and wisdom to this mom’s heart – for twenty years!

With a houseful of kids and heart full of dreams I stumbled into Sally’s Mom Heart Conference and left empowered to live out my ideals amidst the messy world around me.

Previously, my search for direction had led into a web of rules and regulations – unspoken commandments for Christian mothers. Sally, on the other hand…


spoke life-giving truths and gave me the courage to trust my own heart. Mostly, the faith to trust the heart of my Heavenly Father and His ways.

Developing a home-life where a family can prosper and God is honored is a lifelong endeavor. Through the seasons I return to the bedrock wisdom Sally Clarkson echoes through cultural norms and winds of change.

Sally is a friend and mentor. I am so pleased she and Sarah have taken the time to pour their hearts onto the pages of this book with the eloquence of a wordsmith and the precision of a surgeon. Let the words of The Life Giving Home cut to the core of your hearts dreams and set you free to believe again.

Check out the The Lifegiving Home Experience: A 12-Month Guided Journey and the The Lifegiving Home: book trailer


 “In our deepest hearts, we want home to be a place where our spirits are filled. A live giving haven of warmth, rest, ad joy that will encourage everyone who enter it; a welcoming respite in an isolated culture.” The Life Giving Home

“If I could, Id hand every woman I know a copy of The Life Giving Home. Ann Voskamp


UntitledSally Clarkson is co-founder of Whole Heart Ministries (with her husband, Clay) and serves as its women’s ministry director. She’s the author of many popular books, including Own Your Life and her newest book, The Life-giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming, authored with her oldest daughter, Sarah. As a mother of four, she has inspired thousands of mothers since 1998 through her Mom Heart Conferences and small groups.




Debi is convinced our homes are the battlefields for society. She counts it a privilege to encourage mothers to stay the course and embrace the daily – for the sake of Christ.

As a college student, Debi asked the Lord to send her to the front lines of ministry. Armed with a newfound devotion to Christ and a Child Development background, Debi married her college sweetheart. Together they began to dream of what a family could become.

Thirty-six years later, Tim and Debi have eleven children, six grandchildren, and lives filled with front-line battle scars and victories beyond measure.

Presently, Debi has a houseful of teenagers in DFW and three sons in college. Her desire is to leave footprints for those who follow, and impart grace to mothers of all ages. Debi blogs at www.debichapman.com, can be found on social media, and speaks when invited – but her favorite place on earth, is home.










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