Black Friday or The Black Hole

I don’t know where you live, but where I am, we are in the RAINY season!  The West Coast of Canada is rightly nicknamed the “the Wet Coast.”  Today it poured, and poured, and poured some more.

And there are few things that drive me crazier than getting ready to leave and not being able to find socks- for any of the 10 pairs of feet in need!  Bare feet in gumboots is just not cool.

We have a mid-size basket of “misser-matchers”, but how we manage to accumulate so many is beyond me.

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The Laundry Moms Sock Saver Pin Tin is one great solution. Pin ‘em together, and they stay together! Plus for Black Friday they are on Special for $5.99! Also in my effort to  “equip and empower” the next generation in my home, I’ve had to take it one step further…

We had already established our own wash days for the kids at the beginning of the year.  One day each week, the older four children do their own laundry. This still leaves me with the four younger one’s clothes to wash, along with our cloth diapers and our own laundry- but this has significantly reduced my workload. And for that, I am happy!

The next step is my new plan to deal with our current sock dilemma! It’s in process…but so far, so good.

Each family member keeps their own socks in their own labeled, mesh bag.  Dirty socks go in together, get washed all together and come out again…together!  It’s genius!

Once washed and returned, each keeper of their own socks can decide where they go. Folded and put away  is recommended!  The mesh bags can be hung on our door knobs so the dirties pairs have a place to go right away.  The incentive for each person?  You will always have socks for yourself if you stick to the drill!

So to avoid stepping out this Black Friday with no socks due to the deep dark sock eating black hole be sure and use one of these tips and I’ll keep you posted with how it’s working out for us. Do you have any new laundry tips emerging in your home? We’d love to hear ‘em!  (And if you haven’t yet, come follow us on Pinterest or Facebook and share your ideas that way!)

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Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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