Are you Speaking Blessings or Curses?

“Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue”.   Prov. 18:21  Are you speaking life or death, blessings or curses?  Forgiving others that have wronged you can be a difficult thing. It often stings a little more if it comes from a family member or a very close friend.  Have you been hurt deeply by someone that you love?  What do you say about that person to others or in your private thoughts?

I have been dealing with forgiveness for quite sometime.  Through my divorce and the circumstance that lead up to it, to my divorce  has been a tough road.  Someone once told me that they had a vision of what my process of forgiveness would be like.  They saw me forgiving in layers like a onion, one layer at a time, and boy were they right!  I has been quite a process for me. I think why its been so hard is because I truly want to forgive all that have wronged me.  Not only will it benefit me but God commands me to forgive.

The most challenging part of this journey on forgiveness for me, has been letting my “feelings” get involved.  You see there are times where I think I have forgiven, but when I think of that person, lets just say some not-so-nice feeling arise in me, then I get confused.  Did I really forgive or not?

We are all human and we all have feelings and sometimes those emotions can over take us.  But it’s the faith that God gives us that can work through our feelings.  If we start speaking blessing over the person that hurt us instead of curses then we can bring healing.  Take for instance that person that hurt you, you know the one, when you think of that person what are the deep feelings and  thoughts that come up in you about that person?  Is it bitterness, resentment, hurt, revenge?  I’m here to tell you that that is normal to some degree, but will this help you in your forgiveness process?  NO!  It WILL keep you stuck though!

So I challenge you to take this forgiveness process on with me!  Whenever you think of the person that hurt you, I want you to speak a blessing over that person.  I know, I know you don’t “feel” like it, but don’t let your feelings get involved and have faith that God will work  through you.

If you do this every time that person comes up in conversation or just in your thoughts, you will be amazed at what will start happening in your life.  Even if you thought the relationship could never be restored, just do it and watch what happens.

I have seen things in my own life that have changed, even just here recently with a troubled relationship, and I’m amazed to see what has transpired.  I have done nothing with the troubled relationship but speak blessings and not think of curses, bitterness or resentment over this person.

Everyday I speak blessing over anyone that I need to forgive and suddenly my feelings and thoughts of that person begin to change.  It gives me such a joyful feeling that I then move on to speaking blessings over everyone in my life!

And here’s a little secret …this works in all negative situations.  Whatever you are facing today just speak blessings over it and watch what happens!


melanie manjackLaundry Mom~Melanie ♥

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