Are You a Stressed Mom?

The Stressed Mom

by Bernice Hemmings


Women today are busy. Always busy. And stressed. Whether you work outside the home, inside the home, full-time mom, or not even a mom, we are stressed. It has unfortunately become a way of life in our modern civilized world.

I am not sure what we can do about society’s obsession with stress, and it’s determination to keep us this way, but I do have some ideas about how we as women can learn to battle this stress, and overcome some of its effects.

3 key factors in overcoming mom stress…


The first factor is for us to decide in our own lives, what is truly important to us. What is our passion, our goals for our life and our family’s life? By asking yourself these questions you can begin to make decisions based upon what YOU want out of life and not just what society says you SHOULD be striving for. It is that constant striving that can cause such stress!

I wrote 2 posts on my first blog called What is Valuable to You and Get your Priorities Straight with a couple of exercises to help you really define those priorities in your life.

The second factor in overcoming this crazy busy I-can-never-keep-up how-does-she-do-it-all feeling is learning to let go of what your idea of what a perfect mom is. Or even your idea of what a *good* mom is, because probably at this point, you don’t even feel like you are a *good* mom.

A *good* mom doesn’t yell, doesn’t have a dirty car, fixes her kids great healthy lunches, cooks a healthy gourmet meal every night, keeps her laundry and dishes caught up, and reads classic chapter books to her children each night. Oh, and still has energy to keep her husband happy as well.

The fact of the matter is, most moms don’t get all those things in any given day. The ones who might probably have paid help and only one child, lol. But just because we don’t get *those* things done doesn’t mean we aren’t good moms. We ARE good moms because we love our children and know what is best for them.

The third factor in overcoming mom stress is by allowing your imperfections to show. Stop trying to put on that you’ve got it all together. I know you are scared to death to be found out that your house is a mess, there are dishes on your counter from who knows when, and your laundry STAYS piled on the couch.

But you see, you don’t want to be found out because you think the other moms have it together and will look down on you, when the truth is, they don’t have it all together either!

What I teach and write about on my blog, The Stressed Mom, is that by showing our imperfections, by being our true self, by accepting our limitations, we are able to be who we are truly meant to be, imperfections and all. AND in doing this, we allow other moms around us the freedom and the grace to let down their guard, take of their masks and be themselves as well. If we stop trying to be perfect, they can too.

Once all this striving to be perfect and keeping up the façade is released, it can greatly reduce that level of stress in our lives. Add in the other 2 factors and you might find that you can enjoy being a mom and taking care of your family, when you begin living the way that God intended for you and not society’s way.



SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABernice Hemmings is a mom to 4, nana to 8, a writer and encourager at The Stressed Mom, as well as on Facebook. She recently began a private Facebook accountability group to help her readers work through some of the everyday struggles of home life such as dishes, laundry, cleaning and meal planning.

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