If you missed part 1 go back and read it here! So the question is, do essential oils work?

Absolutely ~ if you’re using them correctly. Each oil comes from a unique plant, which means unique constituents and properties, so they all have different uses.

Here are some ways to make the most of the powerful constituents in essential oils:

  • Motivation: The aroma of Brain Power™ promotes a focused, stimulating environment.
  • Digestion: DiGize Vitality™ cleanses and soothes the digestive system.
  • Cleaning: Lemon helps remove adhesives.
  • Air purification: The scent of Purification® purifies the air to eliminate odors.
  • Relaxation: Diffusing Frankincense promotes feelings of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Hair care: Geranium makes hair look radiant and healthy.
  • Moisturization: Cedarwood gives skin a youthful-looking glow.
  • Blemishes: Tea Tree helps diminish the appearance of blemishes.
  • Aging skin: Helichrysum reduces the appearance and texture of uneven skin tone.
  • Skin irritation: Lavender cleanses and soothes minor skin irritation.
  • Head tension: Peppermint helps to soothe occasional head tension when applied to the temples with a massage.
  • Massage: Cool Azul soothes tired muscles when used in massage.

Essential oils do all of this and smell amazing. Diffusing oils in your home, office, or car creates amazing aromas to fit virtually any mood.

Are essential oils safe?

The short answer is yes. Essential oils are safe if you respect these potent products and the plants they come from. They’re powerful tools, and like any tool, be sure to follow label instructions and start slow with any new oil.

Some essential oils may cause photosensitivity if you catch some rays after applying the oils to your skin. Make sure to avoid direct sun exposure for up to 72 hours after using these oils.

Additionally, a few oils are known as “hot” oils, which means they can leave a warming or cooling sensation when applied to your skin that may feel intense. Peppermint is one example of a hot oil; Cinnamon BarkBlack Pepper, and Oregano are others. When using these oils, dilute them with a carrier oil before applying to your skin and watch for a reaction. If no reaction occurs, you’re good to go! Bottom line ~ start with small doses of essential oil and build from there.

Still skeptical about essential oils? The best way to find out if they really work is to try them. I should warn you though, once you try them, you’ll absolutely love them. There’s a reason Young Living has over 6 million members!

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